Hey Cid, what're your thoughts on FFTA?

hmm? I’m finding it to be a fun and interesting little game. I’m not exactly sure how much longer it can be though… I did 90 quests out of 300 but I destroyed…4 crystals?

Yeah, I’m playing it too, it’s fun! And I’ve destroyed 3 crystals

There’s a lot of Jobs, since I haven’t played FF 5 far enough to see how many Jobs are? Haven’t played Tactis for PSX, either, but I HATE LAWS!!! PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

But, bottom line, I’m having a great time playing it.

I started this game earlier today, I’d have to say it is pretty interesting. The battles are just as slow as the first game, if not slower, which is good. Although it seems kind of dumbed down… but I guess it’s just simplified for the GBA.

Hey, one question though… are there Judges in every battle? Cause, uh… while it’s a nice idea, it seems like it will get really anoying later in the game.

I am loving it. It DEFINATELY measures up to the first.

And BTW…

I destroyed all five crystals, but this game ain’t over yet.

Originally posted by Gila-Monster
Hey, one question though… are there Judges in every battle? Cause, uh… while it’s a nice idea, it seems like it will get really anoying later in the game.

Pretty much, there’s at least one town that’s lawless. It’s not realyl a big deal later in the game, you can also nullify certain laws if you want to.

And I’m changing my comment on combos, those things are ridiculously powerful once your whole squad knows combos. And what I like best, is that only the person starting the combo needs JP.

:open_mouth: I have about 300 JP Stored across my team about 1 hour into the game. Fleck, how long till I get combos on other team members?

Depends on the species. I don’t think my Viera knows any combos at all, or my nu mou.

Anyhoo… actually, Laws are the only thing that make the game interesting at all, IMO. Generally speaking the battles are pretty easy (I’ve only seen the Game Over screen twice so far and I’ve got about 13 hours logged on), especially by using Totema. Laws mean you have to either a) avoid important battle tactics; b) use one of your precious few Law cards; or c) walk around some more before fighting a particular battle, something which gets harder to do the farther you are in the game. So it adds a cool twist, IMO.

I’m just about to fight my first battle in a jagd and I’m scared. ^^; I took a quick look at who I’m up against and they are not nice. (Assassins, AHHH!) But they also have lots of stuff I want to steal, but I know if I try going around stealing everything I’m gonna get slaughtered. I’m probably going to have to just grin and bear it. I can always cheat my inventory list using VBA codes. 8p

Anyhoo, my run-of-the-mill comments… I like the graphics and sound, they’re very nice, and the jobs have a lot of variety. However, the shop interface is terrible, as is the fact that you have to scroll down for nearly a minute to get through the entire weapons list. O_o And as previously mentioned, I didn’t find it anywhere near as challenging as the original FFT. The story’s pretty weak so far, too. -_-

There are points where I find the game really fun to play and keep wanting to just fight one more battle… and at other points I find myself just bored with it. I can’t really give a final verdict until I finish it, but until then my feelings are “good, but could be a lot better”.

It better be good, because this game is the reason that I am buying and gameboy advance sp. :cool:

I’m more willing to deal with the tiny screen for FFTA than any other game for any other installment of game boy ever.

So yeah, I’m digging it.

At first I was kinda “eh” about certain classes only being available to certain races, but I’m cool with that now. Also, the elimination of the Chemist class and making the “item” command universal is a definite improvement.

Man FFTA kicks ass. And I think Famfrit is the best Totema. He always did way more damage than even Mateus.

Once you have destroyed all 5 crystals you have to fight Mewt.

I completed it with about 45 missions done, and for the record Ninja’s rock.

Here’s a question… How do you use the Anti-Laws cards? I’ve got quite a few but I don’t know what to do with them…

During battle, hit Start, then choose Law Cards to see the laws. Hit A on a law and if you have a corresponding Anti-Law card, you can use it to negate it.

Thanks, I really didn’t have a clue how to use it

In case you combo folks are wondering…

You can learn combo abilities from Mythril weapons only, which are random drops–

And combos has the same range as the weapon the character is using… (GUNNER! ARCHER! :D)

Just wanted to comment on something… the enemy AI in FFTA is stoopid. Like I said, I was about to start a scary fight. The enemies included:

An Assassin, who could instantly kill or Stop anyone.
A Ninja with Two Swords who could pretty much decimate anyone he wanted, or Silence or Blind them.
A Hunter who could hit people with an area attack, blind or charm people.
A Blue Mage who can heal his party, put everyone to sleep, or do lots of other not-nice things.

Guess what they do? The Assassin does a wimpy physical attack, the Ninja uses wimpy ninja skills (blinds the magic user and silences the fighter), the Hunter uses normal attacks and the Blue Mage uses items on people. I actually did manage to steal the armor and accessories from everybody before finishing up. It was pathetic. -_- In FFT I would be dead meat in twenty turns. I really think they should have included a difficulty setting on this baby.

Is Tactics better than Advance? I haven’t played Tactics for PSX…

Tactics is really kick ass. You should play it if you get the chance. I recommend it to all who enjoy a great game.:cool:

I’m already 4 crystals down and still haven’t found a piece of equipment that allows me to learn the steal weapon ability. Anyone else having the same problem?

Regarding the sensor ability, the only hidden items I’m finding with it seem to be weapons.
Yet another thing that makes me think I should have found a way to steal them already.

But, all in all, I’m enjoying the game.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. I’m getting the GBA player for my Cube for my birthday next months. I can’t stand playing games on a small screen.

Oh, the anticipation…:too bad;

Oh, Xach, the sensor ability only allows you to see hidden weapons, so unless you intend to break them when they are equipped, Sensor is useless.

Personally I like the law system, but I hate the judges actually physically being on the field, they take up my valuable space >_< especially when they’re giving yellow cards to enemy bosses. Another part I dislike is the often strange hit %. Last Breath has an aveage of 50% chance of working head-on. Sure it doesn’t work on bosses but its way too high. Finally I hate how Archers with seemingly with a 100% hit rate often miss by hitting obstancle and etc. I wish they would show which are obstacles.