Hey, anyone wanna start a petition for a FF8-2???

C’mon!!! FF8 ROX!

Mm nah. I liked my closure.

And think of all the people who write bad FF fics. It;ll shatter their hopes of Raijin and Squall getting together.

And a petition wont do any good cuz we are feeble people.

I agree; the ending was wonderfully satisfying unlike FF7’s, which, in my opinion, really does need further explanation and development.

Good lord, no. FF8 is the one game in the series I can’t bring myself to reply again… I definitely don’t want a sequel to it. O_o

Well, in MY opinion, FF8 wasn’t THAT bad… it’s just that it failed to grab me- heck, I found the Guardian Forces in the game more interesting than the human characters!
I think the game had good elements… they just weren’t used well. So yeah, I think FF8 IS good for Fanfic writing, but I don’t think it has the pull to get Square to ever do a sequel.

God no. The Draw system alone had me convinced that FF8 was my least favorite FF game.

No. Just no. I like it, but I don’t want a sequel.

I love the game, but I don’t think there should be a sequel. It was a very complete game with no loose plot ends. It’s great for writing fanfics about the time after the game, but there’s no real need for a sequel like there was in FFX.

By the way, I once heard a rumour that there was a planned sequel to FF8 that was scrapped. Supposedly, you could play as a party with Seifer, Raijin and Fujin in the party. Is there any truth in this?

Never heard of it.

Guess it was just a rumour then. Somebody once showed me a movie they claimed to be from the game, but I thought it was a fake made by hacking the PC version or something like that. Everything was identical to the battle screen in FF8, except the characters had been changed to Seifer, Raijin and Fujin. They swore to me it was genuine, but I didn’t believe them. Glad you guys haven’t heard of it, I don’t feel so bad about offending them now.

Personally, I didn’t even think they needed a sequel to FFX. I thought that FFX’s ending was simple and beautiful; and the sequel wasn’t all that great anyway.

FF8 also had an ending that offered enough closure. What would you want to happen in FF8-2? What is there that’s left? What can happen?

FFX doesn’t really need a sequel, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt it- and as for FF8, frankly I reckon it’d be better off with a movie sequel a la FFVII:AC instead of an FFVIII-2. But as it is, the ending wrapped things up brilliantly (unlike certain other games coughFFVIIcough)- even with Seifer & co, so no, it doesn’t need a sequel- but it couldn’t hurt it that much (if handled properly)

I always though it would be cool for them to make, isntead of a sequel, they should make an off-shoot. For example, “The Adventures of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward” would be cool. All throughout the game Kiros and Ward are like, “ohh no, here we go again…”, and i think it would be funny(perhaps make it an action flick with good comical elements) and interesting. Clearly, Laguna, Kiros, and Ward have gone on many missions together and done lots of things. but if it would be a game…

As for general comments about FF8, i liked the game, and re-playing it is hard because instead of spending hours leveling up, you spend hours stocking up on magic, and leveling up is a lot funner than holding Circle. Or was it x ? Damn, i always get the controlls confused. maybe it was square !

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FF8 was my least favorite FF game.

mine too

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Good lord, no. FF8 is the one game in the series I can’t bring myself to reply again… I definitely don’t want a sequel to it. O_o

In a good way or a bad way?

And yeah, a movie could be brought off.

Sequals aren’t always needed. Just look at the Matrix.

I can’t say if the ending is complete enough for I’m not through the game yet (but I’m right before the final battle!).
But I agree that there’s no need of a sequel. A bit more of Laguna and Co would’ve been good, but a whole game for them…:noway:

Oh, and online petitions almost never work.

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C’mon!!! FF8 ROX!

I’m with ya~ but i seriously doubt they’re gonna have FF8-2

FFXIII is my least favorite in the series closley followed by FFII. It would have been much better if it had a normal leveling system (none of that Junction crap) and if you got money from enemies and actually have weapons and armor to buy.