Hewwo. Just arrived.

So… where to start?
Nick: Murray
That’s not my real name though, but I’m not telling you my real name, because then they’ll find me.

Live: Sweden
There’s lots of hot and sexy girls there… at least some bloke from Germany whom I spoke with on MSN once told me that.
I wouldn’t know, I sit with the computer all the time.

Interests: Well, there’s anime and video games, I also have a burning interest for DanceDanceRevolution. And… uh… oh yeah RPG. That’s funny too.

And just for the record; SAM AND MAX RULES!

Welcome Murray… Good to see even more people from Sweden around here. :smiley:

Ello =)

Hej på dig!

Me = Swedish. I love this crappy country!

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Svenskefaen!’

And yes, Sam and Max rules. Down with LucasArts!

“Alright, alright, ROLL through the gates of hell. Do you HAVE to take the fun out of everything.”
I miss Murray. ;-;

Hey, Monkey Island is a great game.
As a matter of fact, I got my nickname from that game.
But people on IRC always think of me as Bill Murray, damn actor.

I also came to think about that guy King Roland mentioned in Spaceballs, the one he got the spaceship, Vespa ran off with.

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

That’s sweet, but I’m not a communist.
Or mabye I am, I don’t know, I support open source.

Welcome, dude. If you want to give better and/or more info about yourself there’ s the “Roll Call!” thread for you. D’ oh! I’ ve run out of stuff to say <.< >.> runs away

I love Murray too. Curiously enough the two funniest VG characters I’ve ever seen are both talking skulls (the other being Morte).

Greetings! Welcome to the place, and be sure to have fun!

wryyyyy? gb2/b/

I mean, welcome.


I’m a Pedo!

Hello, fellow 4channer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to <strike>your doom</strike> the forums!

:bowser: Sweden’s cool! Don’t diss Swedish people! (Can’t say Swedes, because Nul would just say something about swedes.)

… Norway has a big perverted park!

Yeah, I think it’s called Oslo, lol!
No offence, Nulani. :hahaha;

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay. They do not take kindly to n00bs, here. :mwahaha: