Here's a Question, of the Milk Carton Portrait Variety

Where’s Maz?

Any of y’all seen him around lately?

I don’t recall seeing him post since the Worm hit…

Just kinda curious. An abscence rather conspicuous.

I’ve seen him on #edensworld briefly, but other then that, no.

he does his DND and that’s it. Maz, like many others, decided that we weren’t cool enough for him and left without really tying up loose ends.

Awwww… Guess he didn’t want the messy ending a leaving thread makes… And the leaving threads are damned annoying.

staff should at least announce it on the staff board imho

On that note, I havn’t seen Macc around lately, either…

<img src=“”> Macc has always been known to idle, that’s nothing new :stuck_out_tongue: He was on IRC last night, and he does that every night, I think.

Actually Sin, Maz doesn’t usually come to his D&D either.

Macc’s a workin’ man now sonny boy.

And Maz does his DND games, and goes around the forums once ina blue moon.

What, oh what shall I do without my holy calculator!?

Maz was rarely here to begin with, hell, I didn’t notice the difference until everybody started making a big fuss about it…

Besides, doesn’t Merl live preety close by? Can’t he drive over and check up on him?

I believe, and have indications of, that Mazarim has been kidnapped by a foreign power desiring to exploit his superior intellect and afro powers.

We’re all doomed!

Maz… I need you… come home… :frowning: if not for me… for our baby!

Yeah, Sin’s right. I’m waaaaay too cool for you all now. Like, between my playing HoMM3 and um, writing really long <a href=“”>deadjournal</a> entries, and…my umm, incredibly…extensive, social life… cough.

Nah, the real reason I haven’t been showing up here is simply because I love you guys too much. No, seriously, hear me out. I feel really comfortable, at home in this little island of RPGClassics - I feel like I’m loved, and I can spend hours hanging around here without feeling like I need to DO anything or BE anyone other than…well, a kid in an online community, talking about games or what have you. But it’s not even the talking…it’s the community itself. The friendships. Call it sad, pathetic if you will, but RPGC was the first real group of friends I ever had - that is, people who I didn’t have to watch what I said to, people who I could just go on and on and not necessarily have to make any sense to, people who I wouldn’t feel ashamed of laughing at stupid things with. You know. Stuff that friends do with each other. RPGC was heaven for me, or perhaps just a haven of sorts…

I’m naturally suspicious of things that feel good. I don’t know, maybe it’s a psychological complex or something, bring out all ye psych students and analyze me if you dare, but…I’m (or I was) just afraid that I’ll become so wrapped up in this awesome extension of life that is RPGClassics that I’ll forget to look past it. That I’ll lose myself in that good feeling, the happy feeling, and forget that…well, I don’t know. That even though this place is awesome and I could spend hours upon hours in a purple haze of bliss, posting here, in the chats, etc. etc., it doesn’t by any means have all the answers. And so, I throw myself into other situations - less safe, less happy, maybe as fulfilling, to try to SEE. To try to KNOW. Understand, I love you guys, but my path takes me elsewhere. And that’s kinda what it’s all about, really…I make all these explanations that don’t really need to be made, except for me feeling a bit self-conscious at Sin’s offhand remark, but what it all boils down to is…my current path takes me elsewhere, away from RPGClassics. It’s neither better nor worse than the path that took me through RPGC, it’s just…different. It doesn’t make me love you guys any less.

Heh, it’s funny though…I feel like I was brought up, in some sense, by RPGC (for a long time I was the youngest person here, and yeah…), because I literally spent all my free time here - it’s shaped me in ways I can’t even begin to express, most of them good, and so one part of me feels a vague duty towards it… shrug Oh well… Whatcha gonna do.

Anyways, it’s always awesome to know that you’re thought about in your absence, so thanks everyone for your few seconds of your life devoted to pondering the whereabouts of a fool like me.

Bon voyage.

-Mazrim Taim

Bye, Mazrim, I’ll miss you, my uncle and one-time lover! ;_;

sniff Wah, don’t leave me, Mazrim! I lovded youuuuuuuuu!


Awww, man…I’m falling in love all over again.

It’s…complicated. (haha flint :P)

I’m not leaving RPGC. I’d never completely cut all ties with this place - it’s way too cool for me to do that. It’s more like…just, how it’s been, these past few months. I stop by once every few months, stay for maybe a few days, chill with all the cool dudes here, and then…foosh, I’m off again. So please don’t cry, Val…please don’t kill me Charl. :stuck_out_tongue:

This isn’t a “final message” or anything like that. It’s just an explanation of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing. Except it isn’t even that, because I’m not specific about details at all (which are actually pretty boring). If you’re really bored and interested, it’s all in my 100+ entried deadjournal linked before, but whatever.

-Mazrim Taim

Oh, and a PS, your new avvie’s cute, Val. I like. :slight_smile:

Ha ha indeed.

Originally posted by Mazrim Taim
Oh, and a PS, your new avvie’s cute, Val. I like. :slight_smile:

Thanks, hard to tell it’s supposed to be a man, isn’t it? ^_~

Woo, I wasn’t the only one to make the mistake.:smiley: