Here we go again.

In time for the 20th anniversary of the original release of the first Final Fantasy game Squeenix has desided to unleash yet another set of remakes for FF’s 1&2 only this time for the PSP (or should I call these re-re-re-remake).>.<

Here’s the story from


You know, my first instinct was to flip Squeenix the bird. So, might as well:

puts a chocobo at one end of a seesaw, aimed at Squeenix. Jumps from a low branch onto the other end

You have GOT to be kidding me. >_<
Knowing them, it’s going to be a whole new translation, too. HEY I DONT THINK CIDOLFAS IS WORKING ENUF GIVE HIM MORE WORK

Hahaha. I say dont do it. If you get someone who asks for a translation on either of them just tell them to fuck off and go to the other shrines.

What a waste.

Can I call it or what?

EDIT: Wait. I didn’t.

I guess VC.
Well, it was obvious FF1 was coming to SOMETHING.

Does it serve coffee?

Why? I’ve got that on the PS. and the GBA. If you’re gonna rereremake it, do what you did with FFIII. I’d like to see it in 3D.

I wish they’d give us a 2D remake for FF3. I’ve been wanting that for years.

You know, FF1 and FF2 were really not that great of games. Why don’t they re-release or remake something people actually might want to play. With all the incarnations of the the thing, you’d think they’d realize if someone wanted to play FF1 and FF2 by now, they’d have done it. It seems like an especially bad decision given the low sales of the PSP.

:hint: Remake FF6 in full 3-D glory, a’la FF3!:hint:

Of course, FF7 or even FF8 would be nice, too…

No FF7 and FF8 should be left alone. They are good as is, they don’t need to be remade. Especially since neither are that old.

As for the re-re-remake (or however many re’s there should be), I think enough is enough. Guys move on, there are enough version of these out there already.

Oh well, not like they’re going to listen to me anytime soon.

I agree with that except for the “they are go as is” part.

So what, are they finally going to name the original heroes in the first game? Add more quests, good grief let it go.

Or they’ll just combine the best aspects of both remakes and call it a day. -_-

I’m curious as to what the article means by making the graphics closer to the SNES. I thought dawn of souls pretty much hit the nail on the head in that department. If they’re gonna improve the graphics pull a FFIII. That said, niether game, especially FFII, need another remake. If they want to celebrate a twenty year anniversary, start mass producing those potion drinks and sending them over here. I’d totally buy a FF endorsed brand of ‘potion’ drinks. that and those bottles looked cool.

I don’t get why people think the 3-D games are so new. This year is FF7’s 10th anniversary. Only three years separate FF6 and FF7.

That said, I would guess that FF7 was the start of a new generation of FF fans, and so the oldschoolders don’t really feel they need to be remade or something.

I don’t want to come across as some idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that’s just the way I feel about it. I couldn’t show FF7 or FF8 to any of my friends without them going “WTF grafix are crap!”.

But FFVI is not what most of us consider old either. If I think oldschool, I think Dragon Warrior 1 and Final Fantasy 1 and Phantasy Star 1. Those old, linear, simplistic and torturously buttraping jewels of old that we went through as little kids.

FFVI was pretty much a revolution. While IV was really the point of change between “let’s make the game as impossible as we can” and “let’s make the game enjoyable and with a good story”, VI (Lets remember, V had never been translated) was probably the best execution of this style we had ever seen until then. And the peasants rejoiced.

But then came VII, and the response was split. Old fans were reasonably impressed by the graphics, but didn’t feel that amazed by a story and gameplay that wasn’t necessarily superior to its predecessor. We still went WOAH! like everyone else, but not quite at the same level as people who were introduced to gaming through this title.

Now, why FFVII and VIII don’t need remakes? In VII’s case, while backgrounds and everything else was pretty, I’ll concede the character avatars were simply awful. Seriously, the FFVI sprites are more emotive than those jumbled polygons. They still didn’t know how to work in 3D and that could use a fixing. The problem is that most of us are getting goddamn sick of VII after a movie, a shooter, a phone game, and the announcement of a vaporous PSP title. The general consent is: “Knock it off and work on something new!”. Especially since some of us also consider that FFVII didn’t really deserve this much expansion as much as other titles did.

FFVIII is much simpler: What would you remake? Seriously, what? Square already had a good grasp on 3D graphics by then and the effect was amazing. The leap between VII and VIII was huge as far as graphic quality is concerned; so much that FFIX didn’t even improve them that much beyond minor polishing. What would you add besides voice acting? There’s absolutely no reason to remake the game.

EDIT: Holy shit, that went a lot longer than I expected O_o

Heh, we are old old school. I suggest venerable old school :wink:

It’s true we (people who can play NES rpgs) don’t have the same graphical expectations as the market has. A comment I received by someone walking into the house while I played Zelda:TP : “Playstation has better graphics”. It’s in fact a game made with the best GC could offer i.e. not that much for a [STRIKE]fashion[/STRIKE]graphics junkie. Still, I’ll be everyday a gameplay whore rather than a graphics whore. And if I wanted graphics I’d turn to the PC.

By “closer to the SNES”, I think they meant they’re going to rip off the RPG Maker XP runtime package graphics…