Hello! ^_^

HI DALE >_> What bastard lead you here? Was Kor making trouble again =(

Dalewyn! is jRO still actually alive?

It was supposed to go down for good tomorrow, but that has been delayed for a month or so.

I hope Jinu finds a girlfriend or something >>

Talk to zero? talk to Charlemagne! I made it!

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Porings are my cousins! You killed porings! I hate you! No welcome!’.

Hey dale, remember me? I used to bum weapons off ya? >_>

jinRO is going down? psh, that sucks, i wanted to get back into it but i always put it off. Damn man, that server rocked.

My my my my my my my my, welcome welcome welcome to the land of expectations to the land of expectations to the land of expectations. Have a Munak and a Bongun. I’m pretty sure one of them is made from DeadTear.

Welcome, dood!

Just so you’ll know, we now own your soul, and there’s no escape from RPGClassics, MISTER Lancaster.

Welcome to “I’m a --”

Shh! Do you want us to get flamed!?

Just for future reference, I’ll destroy you all.


May aswell reply to all, all at once.

Shin: Kor was mentioning RPGC several times, so I hopped by. :slight_smile:
Epico Gameu: Uhh, do I know you? o_O; (Excuse me if this sounded rude, I didn’t mean to be rude.)
Devi: Lol, yeah well, good times always come with bad times, oh well, long time no see good friend.
Cless: Long time no see. XD

Yeah, we’re all pretty bummed =/

Dale doesn’t recognize me… sniff

No one likes a sourpuss >:(

Does that answer any questions to your popularity, Steve?

runs away

I got a feeling that Yar will turn me in to 8-Bits and/or ask to deny Nutter Pickure posts. Nutter thinks he can get Yar Krammer to Curse.

Alrighty New Newbie Thread. You’ve Met 2k, Well I’m Called Nutter but my real name is Michael Angelo Monsoon Mochá da-Kaze (Someone farts) Ian Nutter Lloyd Andrew McBeth Du Bent Sharpe, The Forty-second.

Whoops. Did I fart in the middle of his name? I think I diiiid!

I’m Nutty Nat, You’re listening to Cross Rhythms. To hear more of Me between 6pm - 9pm BST on Rimmerama.

CROSSR~3.WMA? I do not surpport this file. I am “Windows Three Point One One” (Win 3.11). I am also Nutter’s Second PC.

So What’s his First then?

Windows 3.0, Dark Angel-chan: The Devouver of Souls. (I Nicked Her line!!)

Big Nutter
It is Always Mad like this? Two Loony Welcome Parties I have to put up with!!

Hello and welcome!

Hello ^^

Did I? > >

Hey Dale, and wecome to the boards, I hope you have a good time and… uh, stuff.

Dissapears not to be seen again for another month or so

I think it’d be great to see BN as the first ever blonde-haired Bongun. This would be the only way for girls to pay any useful attention to him, i.e. “yay kawaii glomp” and such, but then again, Munaks are more popular. So he’d be outta luck even if he was dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Now watch him not notice I’m insulting his manhood.

Hello and welcome. Parade in your honor.

Kammer!! Calling me a Girl? I take insults in a certean fastion.

Ok, I can’t deny it, Some one has Photographic evetence of me dressed up as Geri Haliwell (Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls), but I only did it once.

Big Nutter
(Win CE(Palm)) There have reported incedences of a Nutter wearing a Kilt. I was left in his Trowers.