Hello! ^_^

I’m pretty sure that those who played in JinRO would
recognize my name. XD

Anyways, hey people of RPGC! :slight_smile:

(I saw no “Hellos & Farewell” forum here so I posted this here,
I hope that wasn’t a problem)

awww jeez, there IS a forum for this. go down to the free rp forum, there will be a sub forum called etc, go there, click on forum 12, then click random, then click welcome, click on newbies, then click new thread. nm, this will just be moved there.

Sweet, pre-empting the stupid ass welcome gimmicks.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT USE THE STUPID ASS WELCOMING GIMMICKS ANYMORE, they’re as dead as the YOUR MOM LOLOLOLOLOLZZZZZZ!!!111111 shit is, and nowhere near as usable as a substitute for normal conversation. All your repetitive posts welcoming the new people show is that you’re trying to be nice and shit, that’s cool. But could you guys at least try to show some fucking creativity? Or, since I know alot of you that use the same gimmick with every new person’s arrival, just say Hi, welcome. Something along those lines, seriously, not a hard concept. A little harder than c/p the same retarded crap every time someone joins, but hell, even Shin can do it >_>;

And Hi, new person. Enjoy your stay.


I dont hate you! It’s great, not hating someone based on one post.(talking to both canis and Dale here)


Are you a girl? >>;

drops a Frost Driver on DeadTear

That done, hey Dale, long time no see!

Sad to see JinRO’s going, but ah well. Life goes on. Don’t play RO anymore…

Ah, sorry about that, just that most forums I goto have a welcomes and farewells
section in plain sight. =)

Hades: No I am not a girl. =P

Hi, and welcome to your worst nightmare.

Yeah, she’s been a bitch, better switch to daymares from now on.

Hi there

DALEWYN :smiley:
(It’s Steve/Jesus/Stevus/Shinobi’s friend that left JinRO and gave him his account) <<;

Tss… does the welcome dance

Steve, I’m not sure if this new sig of yours is more or less disturbing than your last, but disturbing none the less.

Jing: I agree, that pic is a bit…“Missplaced”? XD

Btw, I forgot to mention that I also go by the name of
“King Arthur” in the RM2K(3) areas. :slight_smile:

How is it sad? >>

And welcome new guy.

You like big butts and you cannot lie.

Like I tell everyone else, talk to Zero :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dale, long time no see.

Well welcome Dale.

And just remember, you are being judge every time you post something. So make it count.