I have rabies.

throws Pete into a furnace.

Fire’s the answer.

I won’t bite <strike>hard</strike>


: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome’ and steals a couple of letters out of your name.

does the welcome dance

Nice fav book you’ve got there. Not that I’ve read it. But it’s Lestat! And a truly awesome fav movie, too.

Hello fresh meat, would you prefer being doused in barbecue sauce or sweet and sour sauce? goes to sharpen knife Hmm newbie steak.

In other words, Hi hows it going?

Hello ^^
Nice to meet ya.

I’ll take your eyes as souvenirs!

o_O Burst of active-ness. Well, thanks for the… unique welcome. Don’t worry about me leaving anytime soon. I’ll only leave a forum if the staff is obnoxious, or the forum is uber boring.

I’ll peel the flesh from your bones.

I can guarantee that you’ll have neither of those problems here. :mwahaha:

Yar, seriously, when are you going to realize that you’re sprite things are not funny?

Obviously too late.

Yes they are. You just don’t appreciate sophisticated humor.

hits himself in the face with a pie and sprays seltzer down his pants

Ok, this isn’t the Marx Brothers or The Three Stooge’s we’re talking about, it’s little pictures saying unimaginative phrases over and over again.

And I’ll continue to not give a crap about what you say. :slight_smile:


Well, welcome Tanukisama Ryorin-Ieuso.

But just remember, keep the noise down. Some people are trying to sleep. :boring: