please regard me kindly.

Regard ya kindly, ma’am.

regards KageMitsukai Kindly


Welcome! It’s always nice to have new people. Note: we have some sarcastic people here, please don’t take anything said too seriously.

Check out our various boards, you’re sure to find something of interest.

Hope you enjoy the site! :wave:

Thank you, it seems very friendly here so I’m sure I will =)

What song are you rocking out to right now?

Currently listening to Still Doll, and yourself?

I’ll give you two weeks before you find someplace else to hang out.

Lol, I love how Wil takes it upon himself to warn newbies so they don’t get scared and run off.

Hi Kage, 'sup?

Ah don’t worry it takes a lot to scare me. Not much Kasey, what about you?

Well, since I’m on here I can say I’m definitely not partying tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing anything interesting? ~We sometimes actually talk about video games on here. Sometimes.~

Been playing Gears of War 2 a lot lately.

People keep recommending that game to me. Still haven’t gotten around to trying to find out anything about it.

What’s your av from? 's cute.

It’s quite good if you like blood, gore, and general carnage.

Just a vampire picture I stumbled across =)

If you ever need advice on what games to play, posting your systems and genre preferences can lead you to lists of games so extensive you can’t decide what to play.

I made that mistake with final fantasy… I’m working on a chart of the responses I got on here so I can figure out what the overall recommendations were…:slight_smile:

There’s a chat room too, that’s usually most alive this time of night.

I’m not the best at social interactions…Though I suppose I could give it a shot…

This is a VIDEO GAME forum. There are plenty of people on here bad at that :slight_smile:
The chat can still be pretty hilarious.

=) I’ll take your advice then


Anywho, we’re not bad at social interactions. (Though it still results in hilarious moments from time to time.)

Oh yeah, chat’s pretty interesting too. Haven’t been in there in a while though…(busy with work)

Chat is definitely…interesting

At that moment, it was Voodoo Dolly, by Siouxsie and the Banshees.