Hello people!! I'm new to the forum!!

Hey hey it’s my first time posting up messages in a forum!! So basically I’m a noob to these kinda stuff! Please don’t flame me if I say anything wrong in my posts~

who said we would?

anyway hello and welcome
have a nice day… it’s gonna be your last…
eats your nose

Hello and welcome to the boards Fenril.

Welcome. Give your sanity and you’ll be just fine.

::dekar!:: Ooga Booga!(Welcome)


*passes you a handgun

Just for safety, m’kay?

Just to stop someone else from doing this.
pink_lugia steals noobs shoes

Hello. have a moogle

pink_lugia gives Fenril a moogle have fun. lose sanity. party. die. scratch last one :cool:

aeehku or whatever is gone for a week or so so all the newBs don’t have to fear for their shoes…

  • gets her flame thrower and flames her* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

cough Howdy…er, Hi. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it supposed to be “Fenrir”?

In any case, welcome to RPGC. Here, have a cookie.



Enjoy your stay.

Hello,and welcome:wave:

Welcome, I hope you enjoy it here. Make sure you always have something or someone to protect you here. Its not safe.

Salve! Welcome and hello! And dangit pink_lugia, I was hoping to not have to play shoe defender this week. Steals shoes and returns them to Fenril

steals fenril’s shoes and eats them yummmmmmmmmmm…

stor kram

Aww… I feel so welcomed, and I am so happy to be here~
My nose is as ugly as it is right now, please don’t bite it!! Thanks for the handgun and moogle btw~


GG: Engrish? :smiley:

|Damage|: Charle has dibs on the faces, and that includes the nose.

Anyway, welcome. I’m in between gigs and ah’s not here, so I can’t kill him, so you get no entertainment.

Hi, I think Keenspace is down, so you’ll have to wait before I can greet you properly.

Wow. A whole half-day break in the flood of n00bs. Anyway, hi.