Hello, im currently doing the robot.

I don’t expect anyone to read this so I’ll just rant, ready?


Things I hate:
Most talk radio hosts * Gun-toting freaks * Elitists * Corporate welfare * Anti-choice religious zealots * Skinheads * Racists * People who push for creationism and the ten commandments in schools * Police brutality * People who do not believe in freedom of speech * Censorship * People who refuse to acknowledge the existence of sexual harrassment or the effects of historical discrimination * People who think the confederate flag is not about race * Florida * Right-wing hate mongering * People who advocate drilling for more oil while driving an SUV that gets 3 M.P.G. * People who think animals are fun to eat, wear, and hunt * People who think every non-white person is evil and out to ruin America * Presidents who increase defense spending by $30 billion * Anti-drug crusaders * Polluters * Individuals who would rather have a small tax rebate than protect the environment, prevent contagious diseases, and promote quality education * Mandatory minimums for non-violent offenses * Corporations that price gouge * People who can disparage Clinton for his scandals but summarily dismiss Reagan’s Iran-Contra, Wedtech, Pentagon procurement, or S&L bailout scandals * Anti-union executives * Hate crime perpetrators * Narrow minded idiots * The vast majority of republicans * Pedophile priests * People who use phrases like, “Well, I have a (choose one: gay, black, Mexican) friend” to assure you they cannot be a bigot * (Thank-you to beoffensive.com for expresing my feelings in words.)

Things I like:
Less than five percent of the people in America * Computers * RPGs ( :yipee: :eek: :noway: :runaway: CT represent!) * Select television programs that are on after nine o’clock. * Anime (The real kind.) *

People that don’t suck:
(I’m just gonna list AIM sn’s)I EatSwissSoap * OnlyHorselover * Silent13CriEs * Joe is a pastry *

Domo Arigato.

neato :boring:

THings I hate:

Hypocritical people ranting about shit and people we couldn’t care less about. No really. Do we have to add them to AIM or something?

I’m gonna add all those AIM people to my list and then bug them incessantly. :smiley:


Hey! Lets all be fucking jackasses to the new kids! :yipee:

Edit: Ahem. Welcome Liquice! :smiley: You kind of have to get used to the people that will try to shoot you down no matter what you do, hard to avoid them! :fungah: Anyways, enjoy your stay at RPGC… Hopefully.

Yeah let’s welcome people who claim to hate narrow minded people and then turn around and become one! I’m all up for that buddy!

EDIT:But whatever. I’m not turning this into a flamefest. I should include that I’d like a little bit of elaboration when it comes to shitty rants.

SaaaahWEEEET! High-fives Yeah! Wooo! Yeaah. Ahem. Hmm. HMM AHEMM. Anyways, I didn’t see what was so narrow-minded about her (I hope you’re a girl, you struck me as one, if not… Sorreh. >.>;:wink: Just trying to make a creative “Hi, new person here” thread. :cool:

Edit: Christ, if you don’t want a fucking argument, don’t start one. O.o; And, be nice to new people. One day they may grow into something more powerful than even YOU! ::dekar!::

stfu n00b.

Welcome to the boards.

i’m not starting one. Go bitch at Klez Alvein who mocked him for wanting to start an RPG production if you want to be the white knight! Geesh.

Yeah, because usually people take “You’re a narrow-minded hypocritical person!” as a compliment. ^.^; Anyways, I don’t feel like messing with Cless because I like him, and he was probably just messing around. But you both were being kind of lame to someone brand new… Anyways, I AM the White Knight… Geesh.

Well ranting about how much he hates all these things stemming from hate does seem a bit ironic to me. But whatever. Thank you for laying the smackdown Mr Justice, I will commence to shut up now.

Welcome new person!

I will lay the smack-down! >O

Thanks everyone, i really feel at home

For the benefit of Eva and Lanyx and Liquice, I will release to the public through my press agents that my post was in fact a reference to Bloom County and therefore only 42% assholish.

Oh good grief… does the welcome dance

Sorry Liquice… You may wish to run away if you don’t like this. Most of them are dickfaces and are usually like this. : \ Cless isn’t bad though. Cless is a cool cat. >.>;

Yeah because my comment was TOTALLY horrible. God, chill out man. I’m sure the guy/girl isn’t permanently scarred for life.

Eva, I’m not even really talking about you anymore. I’m just talking in general, this place is full of dickweeds, and if (s)he doesn’t have anyone to latch on to and make it worthwhile, there’s no point in staying. I’ve never even really seen you be mean before… let alone SEEN you.


I didn’t know I was still pure then :yipee: