Hello, im currently doing the robot.

Everyone just is a dick to you because nobody likes you Ramza, nothing personal.

I know what you all are thinking “He’s doing a robot?” and I gotta tell you, I was confused at first too! but hey, c’mon, like none of you have ever had sex with a machine?

You’re a fucking jackass TD. Nothing personal… :noway:

The truth must hurt. And I know.

Ignorance is bliss you fuckass, don’t tell me the truth. ;_;

Ramza, knock it off. This is your warning.

Edit: Mostly for the “everyone here is a dickhead”-type comments.

Dickheads are sensitive > you are all so sensitive = you’re all dickheads!

whats a fuckass?

That was so Donnie Darko, man.

You know it, baby.

how exactly does one suck a fuck?

Charlemagne, I promise, that one day, everything’s going to be better for you.

:frowning: CHUT UP!

I don’t know, I heard it somewhere and I’ve used it since?

And… I don’t think I ever called everyone a dickhead or whatever, I said MOST people are.

Dont you mean most of YOU is?

… Eh… No? I don’t think I said that?

yo momma

… >.>;; I’d say something… But… You’re Charlemagne. I’ll just smile and nod ^.^;

Wise choice, banana ramza!

… Anyways. >.>;; Are you still there Liquice?

When I read the title of the thread I thought it was about Dragon’s Revenge fucking machinery again. Heh.

Ramza? Dude, what happened? You used to be cool. Why do you keep changing your username?