Hello everything thread by zeppelin L@@K HERE!!! CHEAP+++ purple monkey dishwasher

Hello everyone, it’s me zeppelin. How are you? That’s great. Congratulations on your sex change and I hope you enjoy your life as a woman.

I suppose it’s just my personality type, but I like to start lots of stuff that I never finish. I’ve got lots of ambitious plans, and I have no problem starting off on the path to success, fame and riches but I usually give up before step two. Which probably explains why I gave up on my world tour four years ago and I’m still living here in hell. I mean, I guess I like it here because I can get laid without effort (I’m marginally an introverted beta male), but my life isn’t really going anywhere. I try to fill my days with excitement and adventure by starting up such wonderful projects as meeting Chinese internet cafe women, starting forums dedicated to nonsense and flaming, and making new blogs every season that I give up on after five posts. Which brings us to the heart of the matter…zeppelin’s RPGC projects.

In all fairness, my giving up of the Hindenburg wasn’t entirely my fault. I was really into it, but some things got in the way. Allow me to explain the last four years of my life in one paragraph. I started off teaching English in China, made some decent money but it wasn’t really what I liked to do. After about a year and a half, I had made a few connections and learned enough Chinese to get by at a basic level, I started running a few side businesses. One was a moderately successful visa consulting business, in which I assisted students in preparing for their visa applications to Western countries, but it was a lot of work and not really much more money than teaching. After working out the basics of getting businesses started in China, I started helping some companies set up business in China, getting their offices registered and their licenses pushed through. Very basic, low intensity stuff, but it requires a certain level of Chinese because all the documents must be filled out in Chinese, even if you’re a small American company just looking for suppliers or whatever in China. After another year or so of this, I felt I’d really hit the limits of what I could do with basically no formal business training (I was a sociology/geography major lolzzzz), so I joined a mid-size consulting company specialized in Chinese business services to Western companies, as well as M&A and mgmt consulting and so on. After interning with them for six months or so, they asked me to join the main office in the M&A dept down in Shanghai, so off I went. Things were great for the first few months, until the financial crisis set in, and all of a sudden no companies had any money left for M&A operations anywhere, let alone China. Business dried up, and I started spending my whole time at work bored and browsing the internet basically. Thus, to keep myself occupied, I started up the aforementioned time-killing projects.

Well, my career in M&A was not meant to be, and in early September I was approached by a large HR Firm regarding a unique position available in Dalian at the commodity exchange. After passing their Chinese test and the interview and receiving a much better offer than what I had in Shanghai (bonuses were long gone by this time), I was told that the hiring process would start. I informed my company I’d be leaving, and since I still had vacation time accrued, I pretty much spent the last month of that job sleazing around Thailand and preparing for the move. Thus, the projects kind of fell aside.

Which brings us up to now. I am now settled comfortably into my new position…though I don’t exactly have the same amount of free time as before, it’s still a pretty low stress environment (yay thanks government job), so I’m here to ask you, loyal netizens of RPGC…do you desire the resurrection of zeppelin’s projects? Please cast your vote now!vv:hyperven::hyperven::hyperven::hyperven:

Bring back the Hindenburg!



[edit]I’m sad that I can only vote once on the poll…[/edit]

Take the piss out of me.

lols @ ^

Boy I sure do like me some flamin’ but I don’t care about girls cuz I’m gay so so gay

I want to eat something alive.

By which I mean fuck the hindenburg, you know I wrote the best essay for that one contest, give me whatever that prize was. Unless it wasn’t a live squid, in which case, pit dat shit.

I’m not going to lie I got to the point where you were talking about your job and I got bored. If this a thread on what you should do with your life, you should go back to the part of your life when you amused me. If you can’t do that, kill yourself because I have no use for you.

Gonzo travelogue.

As tempting as having you squeeze the piss out of GSG, I doubt it would take that long. I’d rather continue to hear about your misadventures with the Chinese equivalent of the fairer sex than about your latest golden shower victim.

Also, good luck on your new career. May it last longer than your previous career.

Hunter Thompson, or the purple muppet with the weird nose?

I’m pretty sure they’re the same person. They’re both bald, at least. And both were shot out of a cannon.

Oh hell yes I love your projects. :smiley:

What do you mean by take the piss out of me?

Taking the piss means making fun of you.

I meant specifically.

You honestly don’t know why?

What? I know why.

I defer to Gila’s expertise on that topic. I suspect Thompson’s nose has been rather worse than the muppet’s on occasion.

Well it certainly had more drugs in it that’s for sure. But I’m sure muppets had their fair share of “hollywood luxuries” as well.