Hello everything thread by zeppelin L@@K HERE!!! CHEAP+++ purple monkey dishwasher

Whatever you decide to do, start on the 1st of december and make the ‘finale’ on christmass.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t do this. That’s totally retarded.

It would be like a Christmass present.
Or do something with that jewish holiday, or Quanza.

It wouldn’t even make sense for most of them. Now go sit in the corner.

He could meet 1 girl each day(for the jewish thing) for Chinese dating and the winner on the last day.

He could do something with the Hindenburg(make it not suck somehow) and finish it on Christmass.

He could dress up as Quanza bot and kill himself on Christmass.

He could try and take so much piss out of me that by Xmass I leave.

Zep: the masses have spoken. Fire away. Please. For the love of god.

Do you enjoy this?


Are you REALLY going to take that?

Who gives a shit about the Hindenburg, I’m still mad he never judged that essay contest.

Wait, why are there TWO cumslingerguys?

So that when one runs out of man jam, the other can take his place.

I’ve decided, I no longer care about a project that takes the piss out of GunslingerGuy; I never really found him as obnoxious as everyone else in the first place. I’d like to see the FF6 walkthrough finished.

I think I remember that SK made a walkthrough for Kefka’s Tower. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why it wasn’t put on the shrine. It must be around somewhere. Does anyone still have that? Is SK still even alive?


That walkthrough didn’t list all the missable rages like Gernade and the first two Mag Rodders.

Also it should’ve covered the GBA version as well since there are more copies of a number of missable items or equipment like Atma Weapon, Ragnarok, Gem Box, Offering, Water Rondo, and so on.

Also also it didn’t mention that Interceptor is also missable.

What do you mean “that walkthrough”? There’s like fifty.

Crap! Wrong Thread. ::doh::

That said I was referring to the missables walkthrough.

Ah yes, I’ve got it. I’m not sure why I didn’t upload it. Are there any other unfinished sections? It may have been my intention to finish them all, and then post them all at once. In any case, the walkthrough of Kefka’s Tower can be posted quickly; if you have no objections, I can try to do the other unfinished sections, as well.

Well I wasn’t expecting that. Yeah, of course I don’t have any objections. I don’t harbor any illusions I’ll ever finish it at this point. Go ahead and put it up. Just be careful of the file structure. You’ll notice there are some folders in the image section there for future sections of the walkthrough I never got around to writing up. If you want, you can use those images and just write something to go with them. There might be some incomplete walkthrough sections I’ve written up too. I know I tried once or twice to get back into it but I just couldn’t find my groove again. I just find the game too silly and easy now to write about it like I used to I suppose. If you got any questions, you can msg me on ICQ at some number I forgot it’s probably on my staff page