Heat Stroke

Yesterday, we had our hottest day of the summer here in Nova Scotia. It was 28 C but felt like 37…what was also unusual was the fact that there was absolutely no breeze blowing. Hot days here are bearable due to the wind we get off of the sea…but not yeserday. I don’t think that I had heat stroke, as I’m totally fine today, but I did develope an incredible painful headache that cut my late-night rpgc adventures short around 11:30 PM. I practically ran from the computer because I had this sudden wave of sickness and then i felt really dizzy. My legs were weak, and I did put a cold compress on my neck and forehead while I was trying to sleep (and I took off my pants :biggrin: ) but nothing seemed to cool me down. Since tomorrow has been predicted to be just as worse (though i’m sure the forecast has changed since yesterday) I’m wondering if you guys have any other methods to cool down or combat symptoms that are brought on by dead heat. Pills, cold, sleep, nothing seemed to work. Any other suggestions? That was a horrible sick spell to go through. Maybe I’m allergic to working on my shrine (which is what I wanted to do last night).

As well, my feet really hurt due to work and I’m thinking about getting gel pads for my shoes. How much should I expect these to cost? Do I need to get them specially made? Where do I get them from?

edit:and does anyone know of any american or canadian colleges that offer ecology degrees? I’m interested in looking up some programs to see what they are like.

Drink more water you big blubbering vagina

I DO! I am always running to the bathroom with a full bladder.

Well, then you should get a larger bladder installed.

Problem solved, close thread

i tried to drink lots of water last night but I could hardly keep it down. and someone just cackled outside of my window and i am severly freaked

Better get your luger

I swear the only three people in this forum who know what “hot day” truly means are Ren, Kor and me. Anything from 25 to 35 C is “getting slightly warm” here -_-

Anyway, what I do to survive during summer is to do some exercise. No, I’m not kidding, I get used to it slowly by doing a bit of exercise so my body can handle constant movement, but not enough to give me a heart attack. However, since it seems it’s too late to “get used to it slowly”, I suggest constant showers with cold water. The constant part is important, because you don’t want to have to go trough a severe temperature change every time you enter/exit the tub. Do it whenever you feel your body starts to heat up too much (Which is once every three hours for me).

Then again, what works for me might not work for you or even make things worse. I’d wait until Sin or some other biology-savvy guy gives their opinion.

Haha once I saw that you replied, I knew you’d be sticking it in my face about the temp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm exercise. Hmm cold showers. But that would require me doing my hair every three hours…

Sadly enough, that is a problem I have no solution for. I have long hair too so I know how you feel, it’s a real pain.

You could always move down here! The inside of my house is currently maintained at a rather pleasant 85 degrees (29.5 celsius) and it got up to a wonderfully blissful 120 degrees outside (48.9 celsius) just yesterday! The sun’s shining and it’s a beautiful day! What more can you ask for?

Barring that, you could still try to drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun, and attempt to find other ways to escape that intolerable blistering heat of which you speak. Swimming might work, but man I still feel sorry for you. It much SUCK to have to live in that sweltering weather where you are!

I guess with no wind it’d feel pretty hot. Over here in Toronto we’ve been having 30+ weather for several weeks. Once it reached 37. 42 with the humidex. We were lucky there was a breeze that day.

Darn Canadians and their intollerance for heat.

I want you to imagine 75 F …in winter. For about 3/4 of the time. Welcome to Bright and Beautiful San Diego! Ranges from about 80-110 in the summer…with a breeze.

I once heard a myth from the north about this white frozen stuff that falls from the sky like rain. ::dekar!::

That’s called “snow” TrkJac… it’s “frozen” water, because the air is what we call “cold”!
Hard to believe eh?


Impossible, I’d say. This “snow” you speak of must truly be a myth.

Actually, it’s snowed here in Texas once a year for the last 3 years now. That’s gotta be a record, at least since I’d been alive. Well, two of those years were just slush and ice, but one was legitimate snow. I’ve seen real snow three times in my life, and I’ve seen the ground ice over probably a dozen now.

Going back to your original story, you say it was about 82 degrees (fahrenheit) outside, but it felt like it was about 98 degrees (fahrenheit)? Man… It’s BEEN 98 degrees around here almost every day lately. Last week, it dropped to a cool 92 degrees. Even when it is 90 degrees outside, it still feels like it’s 110 (roughly 43 celsius), even in the shade.

No problem. It’s usually about that here. 60-85 degrees all winter long. Though we do get brief little winters at the beginning of February, usually (sometimes hits as low as 50-30 degrees… brr…)

Brrr is right. It has never snowed in San Diego in my life time. I’m not counting the mountains because you have to get up to about 500feet above sea level before it gets cold.

EDIT: wait. I remember it snowed one time up in some remote place in SD(if there is such a thing)…It melted five minutes later.

My house is often hotter than 27 OR 38 C. That’s the kinda weather you put on a jacket for where I live. Go praise jesus for your happy, cozy-weathered life already, dayum girl :stuck_out_tongue:

It REGULARLY hits 45-50 Celsius here. It doesn’t get any hotter than that in North America. South America probly knows where it’s at, though.

oh yeah well it was 140 degrees here yesterday and in my house it was 100 degrees and it was super hot and i was really uncomfortable and during the winter the coldest it gets is 90 degrees and we have to use the air conditioning during the winter because it’s so hot yeah we’re the hottest here nobody else on the planet is hotter so

These weather threads are all the same.

Nah, to be honest we only go as high as 52 or 53 on summer. The horror lies in that it’s a constant so you have entire weeks if not months where the heat doesn’t go down at all and the humidity makes it all worse.

I worked in bakery on the Hottest Day in the UK on record (~100F). It was a angency whom placed me just outside the oven for 3 hours. PLus I wore Both my jeans and overalls… talk about hot. I was gald at break time when I went.

It’s Average 18C inside and last week it as 32C

Well yes guys I’m sure you’re all coasting in that super hot weather, but I do not live in such a climate, therefore, 38 degrees is very hot for me.