Have You Noticed How Most Anime Sucks?

really… DBZ is geared for CHILDREN!! not for us.

Dragon Ball Z is NOT geared for children, that was frigging dumbed down for children. The real version is laced with perversion and a lot more blood and violence. Really, there must be a reason as to why it’s the number one anime.

Spirited Away was not cliche, it was very original. Umm what are modern animes, like up to what age…? I seriously liked Hayao Miyazaki’s(forgive spelling) movies over the years(those from like studio gimli or something like that).

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> The majority of every product ever made sucks. That is my answer to the topic question, not the poll question or the post question.

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Ok People

I Was Not Trying To Upset Any Of You.

And I Was Not Trying To Be Hatefull To Peple That Watch Either.

I Am Talking About Those Stuiped Anime Series That Are So Big Right Now Like Dragon Ball Z,GT(The Eary Episodes Of The Origanal Were Not That Bad).

Now I Dont Hate Anime And Alot Of It Is Good(pre 95)
Like Akira,Galaxy Express,Vampire Hunter X,Blood:The Last Vampire,Ect.

Now I Suppose There Are Some Good Modern Animes,But Come on Most Of Them Are Verey Cliched.

I Hope I Dont Upset Anymore Of You.

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Oh, NOW I remember you, you’re that crazy guy who has to capatalize every word he types.

For all we know, DBZ may have originally been aimed at kids, or at least the late pre-teen market. The Japanese are known for being pretty lenient.

And a LOT of animes out there rock (Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Blue Gender, etc.). The problem is, they’re aimed at much older audiences than american cartoons, which are primarily aimed at children. Even during CN’s Adult Swim block, they have to be censored heavily. Americans are probably the most strict group of people on earth in terms of what is “decent” and “proper”.

And all three Dragonball series are pretty good (except for GT, which is just below average). The problem is, nearly all people know them solely by their CN showing, and they’re censored beyond all recognition there (swears are cut out, blood is removed, Mr. Satan’s name is changed to Hercule, etc.). And let’s not forget episode 65…

65 which was that?

Probably a very perverted one.

Yeah they censor lot of anime here in the US good that in some animes when you buy them they got the uncensored ones,unfortunately not all of them Thinks about Yu-Gi-oh

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65 which was that?

The original episode 65 was cut from the run due to their being WAY too much blood and violence to censor out. When they censored everything, they only had about five minutes left, so they spliced the major parts on the previous and following episode, then changed the next episode to episode 65. In the uncut tapes/DVDs, it was released as episode 65.5, and was called, “Gohan Attacks!”

This just showed how much more violent the show was in the original form, before CN bastardized it into oblivion and turned it into a laughingstock.

Hey i think i saw that episode,i cant believe it but they gave it here in Puerto Rico,It was bloody especially the beginning of the episode

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Oh, NOW I remember you, you’re that crazy guy who has to capatalize every word he types.

Its habitual.

Flint the Time Detective, Card Captors and Monster Rancher. The trio of power. These are probebly the greatest anime cartoons in the entire world.

The fact you called them “anime cartoons” coupled with the fact that they SUCK proves you nothing of teh anime, go watch some real anime like Trigun or (grr) Witch Hunter Robin.

Watch Hellsing or Cowboy Bebop

Watch Excel Saga for laughs.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
The fact you called them “anime cartoons” coupled with the fact that they SUCK proves you nothing of teh anime, go watch some real anime like Trigun or (grr) Witch Hunter Robin.


I love you!

o_O Okay, calm down Eva :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it would be nice if we could talk to people in Japan involved with deciding who these animes are aimed at and who is allowed to watch what anime or whatever. Instead of making assumptions about another culture.

As for edited tv anime I more or less ignore it. As long as I can see the uncut version, I don’t care if there is an edited version. As simple as that. Besides I don’t really watch tv anyway. I don’t care to follow a schedule as it were.

Animes are cartoons. Like it or not anime is just the Japanese word for cartoons as it were. I do call anime “anime” and cartoons “cartoons” because it is quicker. However if people call anime cartoons then fine it is not the end of the world.

As for this real anime crap. I’m sorry, but I find such terms kind of pathetic. Granted the anime on tv is edited. So in a sense it is ruined anime, but the anime that was ruined is still real anime.


You are seriously mentally ill. Flint, Monster Anus, and Card Crappers, are horrible, I have seen all except Card Crappers, since the adverts for it scared me away. And YES there is such a thing as REAL ANIME, it is anime which (OMG) REAL. Not some piece of crap in the style of anime, things like Trigun and WHR and Cowboy, ARE real Anime series for at least 2 reasons: 1. THEY ARE NOT AIMED AT CHILDREN UNDER 14. 2. They are much more believable (maybe…) than those pieces of crap.


Aren’t you too young to watch those animes, Hayes?