Have pity on the poor liberals should Dubya win

<a href=“http://marryanamerican.ca/”>Do your civic duty: Marry an american.</a>

Or don’t.

So, if W wins, I get a girlfriend? This is a lose win situation!

No. Even Canadians have standards.

I knew we should have had the Royal Navy sink the Mayflower when we had the chance.

HA! You don’t have the bollocks! The worst things you Brits have over there are drive by arguments.

I sincerely hope that wasn’t an attempt to emulate British slang in a sentence. Because you fail. Miserably. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it was…But I still make my point!

Then how come we ruled half the world at one point? :stuck_out_tongue:

But you don’t now. And that’s my point.

What point? You just came into the thread and said “And that’s my point.”! [/familyguy]

Yeah, well, we kicked your ass in the 18th Century, kitty. :stuck_out_tongue:

We saved your ass in the 20th century. TWICE.

And if I recall, we won independence in the 18th century. England has a rather long history of not kicking American ass.

Only because we’re so cool and laid back that it was our master plan to slowly wear down their defences with our apathy until they went home and become cool and laid back themselves, and YOU RUINED IT! WW2 was YOUR fault!

It was my fault now? Damn, considering I wasn’t even born then… DAMN I’m good.

Yep. Nice going, Kitty-Hitler.

WWII was kinda of everyone’s fault.

Random Fact about Britain: The First Computer ever built During WWII did have women removing their Underwear. Seen as knowallage about this Computer existing is Classified I can’t Find the Telling off paperwork. (Chances are It was Burnt in the 40’s)

Big Nutter
So no change there then…

See…this is one reason that alot of us don’t like you nutter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, what the heck happen to that? Didn’t have enough tea and crumpets to make everyone happy?

I mean jez, you backed out of Inda praticaly because of some skinny guy in cheap glasses who wore a bedsheet

I mean, what happened to the days when your country was so confident you could tell the people in Africa that you were there first?

Ruling the world got boring. All that paperwork, y’know? I mean Jesus you think you have it bad when you’re ruling one country, imagine trying to admin half the damned globe.

Okay, this thread is awesome because of Pierson and Starstorm. :smiley: