Has your memory card ever corrupt?

I think the title is proper. Not sure. =/

Well, I’ve noticed my memory card got corrupt data, quite a few times. I mean, I can save/load, but on certain games, it saves as Corrupt Data, and cannot be re-loaded. I think my memory card is truly phucked. I once had over 999 MB on one file, when the maximum capacity is 8 MB. Don’t ask, please, don’t ask.

It just corrupts when trying to save Screenshots for Camera Mode in Metal Gear Solid 2: SoL. And the one time when trying to save in SSX Tricky, it saved properly, but I left the game for like, 6 months, came back, and BAM, it’s corrupt.

Unfortunately YES!

Is it a third party brand card? I had one of those once that got corrupted and then corrupted my PS1 and it’s controllers.

No. I only use Sony as a precaution.

I’ve never never never ever never liked 3rd party ANYTHING when it comes to my video game hardware and accesories. The best phrase to remember is this:

“You get what you pay for”

Which means, if you dont buy a sony memory card for your PS2 then you just bought a rotting heap of horse shit.

Yikes. o_o;;

That was merely my opinion though.

That’s more or less right, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with third party hardware. Well, my PS2 non-Sony memory card has held up nicely, but the PSX one I had was a nightmare. And let’s not forget the problems with using third party GCN-GBA cables (that is, two games use them, and one refuses to recognise it if it’s third party. So it’s kind of a waste).

Yeah, I guess I bought some 3rd party S-Video cables… Dang. OK, so anything made by Pelican or Madcatz (and all the crap that isnt as good as THEM…) blows. blows blows blows… Deserves to die… and blows.

I only use Madcats, and Sony software. I got like, 5 Madcats memory cards, all for PS1, 1 Sony Memory card for PS1, and 1 Sony Memory card for PS2. I’ve only experienced corrupt data on the PS2 one.

While there are always exceptions, the lower production cost, however of the 3rd party perefrials makes them more likely to mess up before your quality ones that were crafted by the same company that the console itself comes from.

Uncountable amount of times.

yes baby yes

But, the PS2 memory card was like, $50~, and the Madcats ($12.99 for a two-pack) lasted longer, for me anyways. Haven’t corrupt once. The PS2 memory card, however, has corrupt many, many times. =/


Yes, but for some stupid reason I voted no. >.<

Yes. But only the official Sony PS1 one I had some time ago and only once… right in the middle of a FIFA 98 tournament I was hosting as a fantasy-league type affair for a few mates. X-( Fuck! All the other ones, 3rd party inclusive, have worked out fine.

Yes. I lost my FF7 and 8 saves, and they were both max leveled and everything.


Here’s a page featuring memory card “horror stories”, mainly concerning Interact’s unlicensed PSX and Saturn memory cards and cartridges. WD actually nearly got sued by Interact for putting this up because it was giving the company a bad name. 8)

;_; i had a Memcard with extended memory, full with maxleveled RPG Games , one day CRASH!

Suicide didn’t seem that bad…

Just an N64 memory card, I’ve never had trouble with any PS/PS2 cards.

Nope, just NES games don’t save now. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I generally use 3rd party controllers for GC. They’re good and don’t break on me.