Has your memory card ever corrupt?

NES games suck for saving. My files ALWAYS get erased, so does my Pokemon Blue file. =/

Let’s hope the PS3 memory cards have corrupt-proof uh… thing-stuff.

I’ve had a case of corrupted single game data… on an official PS2 mem card, but that was because I accidentally turned off the PS2 while Dancing Stage was saving. It’s automatically messed if you do so.

Some problems with PSO chars on a 3rd party mem card on Cube… (They kept getting erased after each power on.)

Maybe the internal saving battery’s dead.

It’s odd, but my memory card was corrupted just yesterday, after I saw this thread. It’s one of those Mega memory cards, with 24 memory cards on it, and 360 save files on it in total. The strange thing is that only some Cards on it were corrupted. I had to reformat A5-A7, while all the other cards were perfectly fine. I thought it works that all are corrupted, or none are.

Ok, that tears it…I’m getting a USB storage device to back my stuff up. throws away Mega card >.>;

my 3rd party PS2 cards have never been a problem. The only corrupt i ever had was on an Official dreamcast memory card, and that was because of a power-cut.

omg, dont get me started on Dreamcast cards… I had a third party one and EVERY single time I played the original PSO and removed the card AFTER TURNING THE SYSTEM OFF My character would be deleted… SO I had to keep the memcard in at all times to keep my characters…

For Pokemon Blue, or NES? If for Pokemon Blue, it has happened to EVERY single copy I’ve played. And for NES… uh… yeah, only had one NES… usually only scores are erased, and occassionally the Dragon Warrior carts. =.

With Carts, you can always take them apart, fish out the battery and put a new one in…but that’s way too much work. I use Video Gaming Emulation instead, because none of my old skool systems still work.

And about the Mem cards…I think Third Party Mem cards suck ass. I had FF7, CT and Star Ocean: The second Story saves near the endings(I finished ff7 and CT) and it crapped out. Which really sucked considering I invested about 50 hours of my time into SO2. I had an Official PS2 memory card crap out, too. When I was at the Final battle with Sin in FFX. I also lost my Tekken Tag Tournament and Deadly Alliance data(I only needed to get Frost in MKDA), and my 4 jungle songs I made on Magix Music Maker.


22 voted, 50% on each sides… scary.

Wasn’t there rumors that in 2005, all PS2 machines, will sprout arms, and take over the planet? (Something I heard in a PSM magazine)

Mine never has, but for some reason I can’t remember I went into it in my PS1 and deleted everything there.

No, now go buy a new memory card.

PS2 turns into a monster, and takes over planet