Harry Potter Discussion: Spoilers.

I think Harry is a horcrux. Think about it. There is a part of Voldemort imprinted in him, seeing as how he reacts to his presence and can speak parseltongue. Humans can be horcruxes if animals can, seeing as how Dumbledore said a snake was one. You need to kill a person to make a horcrux- Harry’s parents. I think it all makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think the person who destroyed the horcrux in the cave and left the note is Sirius’ brother, Regulus Black.

Regulus Alphard Black no less :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does it ever say his middle name?

Read the earlier books…I’m not sure which one, four I think.

Also consider the heavy locket that nobody could open that was found in Grimauld Place when they were cleaning.

I figured R.A.B. was Regulus, [STRIKE]but I never heard the name Alphard in the book[/STRIKE]. Check Dev’s thread a while back, we talked about this exact same thing (I mentioned Regulus and Kiro brought up the Harry/Horcrux).

By the way Kara, you are Shin right?

EDIT: Alphard was Sirius’ and Regulus’ uncle, the one who left Sirius all that money he used to buy the Firebolt. There is no mention about if he was from the father’s or mother’s side, or if he was even a Black to begin with or just got the name from marriage. Dead since 1977 and erased from the Black Family Tree (Meaning he did something to piss off the Death Eaters).

This is from the Harry Potter Lexicon, which records every last tidbit of info Rowling tosses around on interviews or her own site. Yes, it’s reliable.

I completely agree with you about Harry (Or atleast his scar) possibly being a horcrux, I thought of it the minute they were explained. :cool:

On R.A.B, I think it’s Mr. Borgin. Although, I did at first think it was Regulus. Why I changed my mind is here:


EDIT: Although, I think it was Mr. Borgin, I’m also still open to it being Regulus.

On a side not, Voldemort is awesome…and freaky. Which is awesome

That link is retarded, seeing as how Regulus WAS a death eater, but since he quit, he was killed.

Nevermind: drunken misreading.

Personally, I’m not too fond of the “Harry is Horcrux” theory. Mainly becuase I don’t think you can make a horcrux by accident, it takes a spell, to put your soul fragment in to the object, to make something a proper horcrux

However, I do believe that Harry has a small piece of Voldemort essence in him, which gives him their connection. Now some would say that this would mean Harry is a partial horcrux and may have to die to kill Voldemort in the end. But one thing most people seem to have forgot about is the glimmer of trimuph in Dumbledore’s eyes after hearing about the spell to give Voldemort his new body.
Cause in that spell they used Harry’s blood, and in my opinion gave Voldemort a small portion of Harry’s essence.

What exactly that will end up meaning I don’t know. Maybe the Harry’s one in Voldemort will stop whatever kills Voldemort from killing him too. It is just too early to guess.

I know he was a death eater, the person never said he wasn’t, and, as I said, I think it’s Mr. Borgin, but it could still be Regulus, we’ll only know when the next book comes out.

One thing which no one in my presence has noted yet is that all the books do everything, apart from a few “intro sequences”, from Harry’s point of view. The narrative never sees anything directly outside it; it’s almost like Half-Life would be if there was a cutscene at the beginning showing scientists doing stuff. Just for that reason, I’m inclined against the idea that Harry’s gonna die. Of course, who knows?

I noticed that, but JK has this thing about tricking people…

Read the Darren Shan books…they were all from his perspective, all the time. He still died.

Yeah, yeah …

I once pondered making a murder whodunit in which the narrator was the victim, and his ghost helped with the investigation because, well, he wanted to know.

I think Desperate Housewives already beat you to it.


I think the Harry is a horocrux supporters are leaving out one detail:

Why would Voldemort want to make Harry into a horocrux if he was planning on killing him? If Voldemort’s plan was to put a part of his soul in Harry then kill him, it wasn’t a bright one. :stuck_out_tongue: I also think that as powerful as Voldemort is, a horocrux must be magic that can’t be done on a whim.

I agree on that, but as Dumbledore said, he was probably intending on aking a horcrux from killing Harry, and it would have screwed up if that’s true wouldn’t it?

Although, I really hope I’m wrong on this. I don’t want Harry to die. :too bad:

How can it screw up if you make someone a horocrux AFTER you kill him/her? Because you certainly can’t perform a Killing Curse and a Soul Splitting Spell at the same time. Heck, I don’t think you can cast ANY two spells at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

True…ack, all the different opinions and theories are confusing me. 0-0

I think I’ll be the one to mention this time that the soul-splitting spell has to be done deliberately, and V-man’s showed every intention of killing Harry at the first available moment, so.