Harry Potter Discussion: Spoilers.

Well, they do seem to have both Still and Silent spells, so quicken spell could be possible too.

If you think about it logically, Harry can’t be a horcrux. There was the diary, the ring, the locket, Nagini, Hufflepuffs cup, and then something of ravenclaws or gryffindors. Besides, if “none can live while the other survives”, then harry can’t die unless someone else kills voldemort. i mean come on, how many books have you read where the bad guy wins?

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You know what just hit me? Olivander! Remember how he closed up his shop, aparently for “no reason”? Knowing J.K. Rowling, I think I can safely garauntee that this must have a story behind it, and some kind of moderate purpose, if not very significant… Discuss.

I remember that…now that you mention it it does seem that JK would tie that into the story somehow. Either that or he apparated to mars…highly unlikely, but possible… :toast:

Sorry about the semi-necropost, but my latin teacher is a Harry Potter nerd and she just finished the last book (college prevented her from finishing it sooner). We had a huge discussion on it in class. The first thing is that RAB is probably Regulus Black. Kiro’s website was interesting, but in the 5th book, Harry was cleaning Grimmauld Palace and he found a locket he couldn’t open and some dusty cups. Our Latin teacher also believes that Dumbledore is not dead. in the sixth book the main magic themes are Potions and using spells without saying them. Snape was extremely skilled at this. If you remember Dumbledore flew out the window and was found on the ground with his eyes closed and blood trickling from his mouth. When the Avada Kedavra curse is used the person does not move they just collapse. They are found dead with their eyes open and no signs of other injuries. This means that Snape was probably using a different spell to make it seem that Dumbledore was killed. This means that Dumbledore stunned Harry not only so that he would be safe, but also so that he would not screw everything up. In the American version of the book Dumbledore says something to Malfoy about making it seem that he had been killed. This was taken out of the British version. This means that this is important because otherwise it would have been left in. The last reason I believe that Dumbledore is alive is that when a wizard dies there wand is snapped so it can’t be used for evil, but Dumbledore’s wasn’t.

that’s some good thinking there about dumbledore, the locket and the cups, but i can’t bring myself to think that regulus was RAB. there was another HP thread i was going through that completely dismantled that line of reasoning. also, if you are talking about the cups i think you are talking about, they were goblin wrought silver with the black family crest on them.

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If that’s right, all bets are totally off.

from what was mentioned in the books (either five or six, i can’t remember) regulus was a death eater, and would certainly have had some information on Voldemort that other wizards didn’t have. however, he got cold feet when he learned how voldemort operated, and skipped out. he died mere days later. he couldn’t have had time to steal the locket, the cup and take them both home before he died. also, if he took them back to Grimmauld Place, it seems to me that some other record would have been left behind somewhere and somehow if regulus had wanted voldemort dead, as the note he left indicated quite clearly. the writer said that he faced death in the hope that someone else would make him mortal and either defeat him, or pave the way for still others to do so.

I do believe that RAB is actually Regulus. And the idea that the locket at Grimauld Place is the Horcrux, however I don’t think any of those cups are the Hufflepuff Cup.

Buttlesponge, Regulus’ death was mentioned in book 5, by Sirius. However I doubt that testimony is going to be entirely accurate, since Sirius was not with him during his last few days. Also I doubt that Voldemort would have told anyone, including his Death Eaters about his Horcruxes. He did mention to them (in Book 4) taking steps to immortality, but since he has no inner circle of trusted ones, he would not tell them about the details of his steps taken.

So it is safe to assume that RAB was Regulus, who found out (somehow) about the horcruxes. And attempted to get rid of the locket, but was killed (for disobeying orders, or something) before finding out the key to do it.

PS: [SPOILER]On the Dubmledore not being dead idea. It would be nice to think that, but I doubt it. My first point, on the concept that a person doesn’t move when being ‘Avada’-er is that there have been a few cases in the book where we have actually seen it done. And we must also remember that spells can do more than expected (see the effect of the combination of three disarming charms on Snape, in book 3), and emotion can play an affect. And since Snape had a look of pure hatred on his face when he cast that spell, it could have given enough extra force to push the weakened Dumbledore of the tower.

As for the spell not leaving a mark, it didn’t, the fall from the tower is what caused the blood to trickling from his mouth. It happens whenever someone falls from a high place.

As for the closed versus open eyes detail, it all depends on whether they were open or closed when the person is killed. If you are killied while your eyes are closed, they are not going to suddenly spring open.

And as for the text editted out of the ewnglish version, I have thre exact opposite thought. It was not important, so it could be editted out. Usually important info is left in, and useless info is editted out, not vice versa.

And did we actually see what happened to Dumbledore’s wand? Since I certainly can’t remember seeing what happened to it.[/SPOILER]

I think Dumbledore’s dead. I don’t want him to be, but he is.

Oh, and there’s a Harry Potter Band.


[QUOTE=Heaven’s Soldier]Buttlesponge, Regulus’ death was mentioned in book 5, by Sirius. However I doubt that testimony is going to be entirely accurate, since Sirius was not with him during his last few days. Also I doubt that Voldemort would have told anyone, including his Death Eaters about his Horcruxes. He did mention to them (in Book 4) taking steps to immortality, but since he has no inner circle of trusted ones, he would not tell them about the details of his steps taken.


Remus Lupin also noted in the sixth book i believe, that “Regulus only managed a few days after he ran away.” like i said, it couldn’t have been long enough for him to have found a horcrux guarded like that. none of the books say the regulus was a particularly talented wizard, and he would have had to have been to get the locket. and as far as the locket at Grimmauld place goes, it may or may not be the horcrux. it probably is, but think of all the other jinxed, hexed, and otherwise magical objects. to be frank, it could be an ordinary locket…but i doubt it.

If we go with the thought that RAB is Regulus, we don’t know exactly when he may have found out about that locket horcrux. It is very possible that he may have found out about the locket (and where it was hidden) weeks, if not months, before being found out about betraying Voldemort, and then being killed.

It is also possible that he was supposed to be out on a mission for Voldemort, when he went to retrieve the locket. And then when it was discovered he had not done what was asked of him, that he was marked as a traitor, and ‘sentenced’ to death. They would then have caught up to him and killed him after he hid the locket at Grimmauld Place, without any of them being any the wiser.

All the information about him and the Death Eaters, is still shrouded in mystery. So you see, we can’t assume anything about what he may or may not have had enough time to do, before being killed.

this is all assuming that he was actually with the death eaters for “weeks before he died.” i don’t think he was there for more than a week before getting cold feet.

But we still don’t know that for sure, now do we?

All we really have to go by on him is a couple characters (neither present during these events) thoughts of how things happened. And even eye witness testimony’s can vary, and be inaccurate. So not much to go on, is it?

no, we don’t know. it may bring up someone who hasn’t shown up in the series yet. anyhoo, i think that ollivander may have a significant part in the last book. maybe he’s nothing, but i think he’s important to it. what do you think?

waiting for the next book…cheers! :toast:

I haven’t put much thought into the concept of Ollivander being important. He may very well be, he could for example know of the final Founder’s Item/Horcrux. Anything is really possible at this point.

I thought JK Rowling wasn’t adding any new characters.

Where and when did she say this outright?

Who do you mean by new characters? ollivander and regulus were both characters mentioned in previous books.