Hardest Boss Fights

Just what the title says, motherfucker.

In no order:
FFT: Velius. IMO, there’s just no way to prepare for this fight. It’s just a matter of happening to position your team just right and hope to god he doesn’t cast Cyclops more than once. I’ve played through the game 3 times, and each time I was stuck on this fight for a good week or two. Elmdor is second, only because trying to steal the Genji assortment from him is nigh impossible.

FFIV: Zeromus. I remember the guide calling for a certain recommended level, I ended up being a good 10 levels or so past it, to the point where Rosa was going just before him, so I managed to stay healed, and even then I just barely squeaked by. I must’ve played the game off and on grinding levels for 6 months or so before I finally managed to beat him.

Breath of Fire III: Teepo Dragon Form. I don’t remember why, but I had a tough time with this one. Also, when those two horse dudes get together into megahorse, I was stuck on that one for a while as well.

Xenogears: Metatron? It’s been a long time, but I think he had a fuel draining skill or something.

Lost Odyssey: The first two fucking boss fights in the game. It shows a complete difficulty imbalance when the first two boss fights in the game are way harder than the last one. I was stuck on the Bogomoray for several days.

MGS3: The Boss. If I had the snow camo and I could figure out the CQC (never did figure it out lol) it may have been easier, but it took about 3 hours before I managed to stun her to “death.” Runner up: The bee guy.

MGS: The Hin-D

MGS4: Raging Raven. I was stuck on this for a good few days too.

Heh, a lot of these have been so long, I don’t remember the details. My memory sucks.

Metatron was the one with purely offensive physical skills. The one with the fuel drain was… the yellow one, whatever it was called. And in any case, you sure you’re not forgetting Opiomorph? No way any of the Deus parts was harder than fucking Opiomorph.

Yeah, the yellow one.

Final boss from SaGa Frontier 2. Still can’t beat him to this day.

In terms of skill, Hiruko from Shinobi. I’ve described the fight enough times before that I don’t feel like doing it now, but if you think you’ve fought harder, you’re almost certainly wrong.

In terms of just getting fucking lucky enough to do it: Ragu O’Ragula from Wild Arms, Omega from FF8 without Holy Wars. Either one of them can one-hit-annihilate you with no warning and have hojillions of HP.

In terms of just happening to be unprepared: Luca Blight. The fight almost wins itself if you do all the right preparation beforehand. If you don’t, you’re basically just not winning.

Oh, I should’ve mentioned - “secret” bosses don’t count.

Bosses that are more challenging because a player intentionally chooses to play the game at a handicap don’t count either.

When younger, I always had trouble with the Palm O’Doom in Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean. It had an attack that afflicted all party members with random status effects (poison, paralysis, petrify, confusion (I think), etc). Only one party member was immune to those: Gryzz the dragonman. He’s also your best healer, having an ability that can heal all party members. And he’s your strongest fighter. Despite it all, the first three or so times I played through, he was the only party member to survive the fight in a normal condition; everyone else was either dead, paralyzed, or stoned (hehe). The last couple of playthroughs, though, which have been done in the mind of shrining (and thus have involved power leveling against enemies to better determine their HP values and all the spells one character that leaves halfway gets), have resulted in my party for the most part all surviving the fight. But in the course of regular playing, I consider that a hard fight. Not the hardest ever, but definitely difficult for the game. So really, it’s only hard if you want every party member to survive. I’m sure SG will agree.

Plus, he’s one of the weirdest looking bosses ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjJO63ofoyA#t=5m0s

That game looks cute. I’d like to try it sometime.

Saturn emulation plays it perfectly, and Romulation has the iso. Just so you know.

Megaman 7 Wily capsule. Screw that.

For something more recent? Prototype final boss. Very. Many. Retries. Few if any weapons that deal more than one-two pixels of damage at a time.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne’s Matador. Buffs his speed to make it a pain to hit him, has powerful full party wind spells, and later pulls out an extremely powerful physical skill that crits quite often (which then gives him an extra turn). He shows up less than 1/3 of the way through the game with no warning. Even with a party geared toward killing him, a couple lucky hits will end the game, since if the protagonist dies the game ends.

Another nasty one is White Fatalis from the Monster Hunter series. Its weakpoint is almost constantly 50 feet off the ground and always moving. It has a number of powerful lightning and dragon element attacks, include one that covers what feels like half the battlefield in bolts of lightning that will more than likely instakill you regardless of preparation. Once you get it to half health it goes into “armor mode”, which causes all melee attacks to bounce off and raises its resistance to all attacks up into the “why bother” range and it doesn’t come out of this till you get it below ~15% health. It is designed so that teams of 4 players have to fight it till it gets bored (most elder dragons leave the map after ~35 minutes if they aren’t low enough to kill) multiple times before it finally falls.

Another Monster Hunter favorite is the so called “Devilblos”. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has an offline mission in the second tier of quests that throws you a monster with full third tier multiplayer stats, in addition to being a monster that’s already rather painful to fight. When it gets mad, several of its attacks are instakills in equipment available when the quest unlocks, so you pretty much just have to dodge everything perfectly to live.

Velius is vastly overrated. Cyclops is faith based and there’s little reason to have anyone besides mages with more than 3 faith by that point in the game if you’re really preparing. There’s plenty of other ways to make that fight trivial without overleveling or being overly specialized.

MM7 Wily Final Form can go die in a fire.

What else…
Final Boss in Tales of Destiny PS2: Tons of cheap attacks and insta-kill stuff if you get caught in it. (ex. Stun + Black Hole = GG) Extremely annoying to fight too, since he’s got insane range, teleports, stupid counters, and shitty 30-hit Penetration (prevents him from being staggered by attacks for 30 hits; luckily he doesn’t pull this often). Then there’s the silly automatic Blast Calibur he pulls off at 5% health (which IS avoidable, but requires Stahn and Luck), and on higher difficulty levels is considered an insta-kill without an All-Divide. And for apparent lulz, if you beat the boss of the Bonus Dungeon and then fight the last boss again, he’ll auto-counter certain attacks (like Indignation, Revitalize, etc.) with the secret Blast Caliburs and insta-kill the party immediately. (Just one hits for like 20k damage.)
(Edit: Forgot to mention, he can Damage Break out of combos in the air, which is worth noting since no other enemy in the game can do that. So you can’t combo him in the air forever.)

“The Four Gentleman Fight” from ToD PS2: Not quite as cheap as above, just you vs. the Gentlemen enemies, except you take on four of these guys at once (and they’re a handful by themselves). Just hard because if you can’t kill them quickly, they gang up and rape you. (Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick…)

Humilius from Phantasy Star Zero: Easy fight on Normal, but on Hard and Super Hard, he rapes. Basically, it’s a giant robot you fight on a 3x3 square grid. You have to constantly stay behind him since he’ll shoot lasers that either freeze or slow (both being VERY bad). If he hits you with those, it’s immediately followed up by a sword slash which if it doesn’t kill you, you’ve just lost most of your health. You can’t really stay under him either since he hits the ground with an AoE that has decent range. But to totally screw with you, the floor will light up and if you’re not on a safe spot, you get hit. Unfortunately, he’s still attacking during this mess, so it sucks much. If you’re melee-specialized, it takes forever to kill him. I mention all of this since while the final bosses may have cheap tricks and crap, they’re not as hard as this fight.

Probably some more I can think of, that’s just all that comes to mind right now from fairly recent memory.

Just curious, what was so hard about fighting the Hind-D in MGS? Fun fight, but not crazy-hard. I remember that Rex was a pain to beat before I knew its patterns for attacks. And the Boss never gave me that much trouble in MGS3 (and I was going for a stamina kill). Actually, The Fury gave me lots of pain at first since I was trying to stamina kill him, and the friggin fire kept getting me. Turns out it’s a fun fight to mess around in. (Lulz at tossing grenades through the walls and melee shots.)

I don’t remember. I just died a lot. It could also be because it was my first time playing a game like that and I was so out of my element.
The Fury sucked, but not as much as the Bee Guy lol. The sorrow was a pain just because I killed a lot of guys.

Oh, I just remembered:
The second form of the final boss in Lunar Eternal Blue. I never did beat her. I was at the point where I wasn’t getting near enough exp to level and I was still getting my ass kicked.

DMC3’s Virgil. The original DMC3, not the easier special edition.

Neither did I. I was SO pissed at it I never tried to fight it again. I mean, the thing had one form for each of the “elements” of the game; I managed to kill all 8 forms with only ONE character left alive (the protagonist, in fact) …Only for the thing to show up with ONE MORE FORM. Daaaamn. -_-

Magneto was pretty hard in X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. I always used Gambit, maybe that is why.

Cyber Akuma in whatever Marvel Capcom crossover he was in.

I can’t fucking beat Meta-Crab in Robotrek.

Pretty much all the monsters in Earthbound.

Velius wasn’t hard because of Cyclops. He was hard because you had to 1:1 Wiegraf right before him. And yeah that’s a classical tough fight. I agree that the Ramsus/Miang battle at the end of XG is nasty and Hades brought up a really good one with Luca Blight.

I once beat Schwann in Tales of Vesperia with only 1 life bottle available to me. That was extremely hard.

Oh my god this fight -_- If you can’t beat it and you don’t have a save file before it in a place you can level up, you pretty much have to restart the game. I still can’t even conceive how it’s possible to win… maybe OHKO him with Cyclops? He steals your HP at such ridiculous rates that it’s not even worth it to waste turns healing; you’re pretty much just healing him. And he can kill you beyond dead in about 2 hits if you’ve been playing the game normally. It’s like he exists to force the player to search for gameplay gimmicks. I don’t like FFT much to begin with, but this is what really breaks its back for me.

I managed too school Wiegraf when I made Ramza a monk. That fight never was an issue for me. It was always Velius.
Yeah, I remember the Schwann fight now. That was murder as well. I remember that Ramsus Miang fight. Is that the one where you have to go through a bunch of corridors to get there? He’s standing in that large golden gear banging his metal hands together? Yeah, that was tough.

I have played a lot of games, and I suppose I’m far better at it than when I was 4. I still hit snags here and again, so I implore you to use Play Heaven. If not for yourself, but for guys like me. I want you to write guides, because as it stands, I’ve broken: