Hardest Boss Fights

Can’t speak for the first two, but the last time I played Robotrek (which is actually a few weeks ago) I mostly recall that bosses are weaker if you can get swings in their backs. I remember Bomb-ing his ass until he walked close enough for me to just sneak behind and cleave him down. And axes are overpowered.

Earthbound, well, those ones are nothing terribly special.

There was a trick to Ophiomorph. Her attack power gets increased every time you attack her, and reset every time she attacks. Therefore, if you only hit her once in between her attacks (I typically used Citan with a Deathblower1), she will never really be able to damage you. It’ll take forever, but it’s much easier than trying to do it the usual way.

There’s only six elements, you know. I’m also pretty sure you don’t have to ‘beat’ the forms; just do enough damage. In any case, if you kill as many optional bosses in that dungeon as possible before then, you can get rid of four forms.

Also, re: Velius. Didn’t anyone ever just cheese that fight by making Ramza a squire? Yell until you’re getting two turns to Weigraf’s one, then Accumulate for like 15 minutes. Then, walk up and kill Weigraf in one hit, and proceed to kill Velius in 1-2 hits.

I could do what you say… but goddamn.

I know, but for some reason there was always SOME reason why it ended up not being as simple as that. I think it was because I hadn’t the patience to use only ONE attack, but I also kept running out of fuel since it was so depleted from fighting Amphysvena, and going into Hyper Mode to use the super recharge was kind of impossible in that fight.

You could technically win the whole game like that, but it’s boring as hell. For Velius, I tried drawing his attention to Ramza (Monk + Equip Armor) and had him just spam Chakra to keep himself alive, kept a White Mage/Chemist on him at all times and had the rest nuke the area to get rid of the Archaic Demons. He’s a lot easier when those assholes aren’t adding up to his own damage, and provided you’ve got someone with Item at hand and don’t keep your party all bunched together, neither Cyclone not Titan are really an issue. A Summonner (Or better, Black Mage with Summon) makes the fight a lot easier since the enemy tends to bunch up.

You could also go apeshit and just nuke Velius with everything you had and hope he went down faster than you, but that one was more a gamble than anything.

I don’t remember how I beat him, but I think it had to do with Lancers. This is making me want to play it again now that I pay attention to stats and parameters more than I used to. (I played this practically right after VII, which was one of my first RPGs, so I was still a n00b)

Super Mario Galaxy. Bouldergeist. Most of the bosses in that game were pushovers, except for that son of a biscuit. AAAAGH. Made me want to punt my wii.

Persona 4. This being a MegaTen game, the none of the bosses pull any punches, but I don’t think any of them gave me more grief than Shadow Mitsuo.

Metroid Fusion. The friggin’ Nightmare. One of the creepiest-looking bosses I’ve ever seen too.

Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth. Period.

Does the log waterfall in lion king count as a boss?

This is the first post you’ve ever made that amuses me. Good job.

SG: OK, six elements then. I played this many years ago, you know. And that’s still WAY more forms than most Final Bosses ever get. I didn’t know about the optional bosses either.

Re FF Tactics, I didn’t have problems with any Boss, but I was using a guide (as I always do when I find one) so I already knew how to beat them all. Don’t recall how I did it now though.(I also did every sidequest, so I may have been overleved.)

@Velius Complaints: You don’t need to reset if you’re observant enough to pick up on which abilities will enable Ramza to beat Wiegraf without the need of excessive grinding (i.e. Yelling/Accumulating to infinity and beyond). Even if you’re like me when I first played through that game and only have Ramza take levels in Squire and Knight because all JRPG protagonists wield swords, you can still salvage the situation by using accumulated JP shared from the other party members to pick up something like Flare and Auto-Potion and load out Ramza appropriately to maximize the build with MA boosting equipment and move boosting skills and gear (Red Shoes gave +1 to both MA and Move and saved my fucking ass during my first time through). Once you got that far its simply a matter of figuring out how to deal enough damage to Velius quickly enough not to get skull fucked by him and his 4 Dark Holy spamming minions.

The fight afterwords though was far worse due to being completely bullshit and can screw over even an overpowered party due to Wonder Twin Stupidity Powers activating. Then it became a matter of making your party into sacrificial lambs and hope to draw enough arrgo long enough to at least wound one among the enemy.

A final fight that could be considered hard depending on how much grinding you did during the game was the Mana Beast in SoM. Normally, the fight’s a joke when I get OCD enough about grinding Weapon and Magic levels and break out the ridiculousness that is the Sword of Mana. But the one time I played it straight I’d get my ass handed to me repeatedly because I wasn’t some ludicrously high level when I fought him. Moreover both the Girl’s and the Sprite’s Mana Magic were level 0 and 1 or something and couldn’t keep the Mana Sword up long enough to really do anything with it. Furthermore the Mana Beast itself hits like a truck at reasonable levels and his hits are unavoidable save for Lucid Barrier sucking up damage. During my original file, Sprite had only Wind Magic up to level 8 and everything else was at most 3-5 save the really late game elements like Moon and Mana which were 1 at best. The Girl was even worse due to having 8 in Water Magic (obviously) and 3’s and 4’s across the board save the late spells which were 0’s. The best part of the fight though was the limited healing items you could take with you into the dungeon (only four copies of each item and there was only one type of revivification and MP restoration items) and the facts that the dungeon was long, full of the strongest enemies in the game (a single Ninja Lord could fuck you up regularly even at high levels and there were several in the final stretch), and an admittedly cool boss fight came right before the Mana Beast meant that you were going to be hurting for resources for the final battle. I eventually won due to perseverance and Lucid Barrier since it only cost 5 MP to cast that and absorb three hits rather than 6 MP to heal 3 times. Also down time dropped since I wasn’t getting flattened everytime the boss made another pass and allowed the Boy to charge his attack up high enough to damage the boss to a much greater effect per pass (I will admit I was so weak in that run that I couldn’t even harm the final boss with just a regular attack and I had to wait to attack him once per pattern to beat the beast).

Also also I +1 to MM7’s final boss fight being a royal fucker despite being the exact same boss seen in every MM game since 4. But I would also like to give a shout out to the fucker that is Gate in MMX6. Whereas High Max was incredibly cheap to the point where lacking the WE for the one weapon that can harm him == gameover, the fight with Gate was at least doable with just your basic weapons although it was ridiculously one sided due to the complete lack of a floor (rather you fought on destructible blocks suspended in midair), being completely immune to every weapon save for his own, shooting out damage sponge orbs that would actively fuck with you after two second from being released (and included bullshit from simple projectiles to slowing you down to tractor beaming you towards it to actively pursing you to freezing you outright), said damage orbs also had to be destroyed not just to stop their deadly effects but also to release projectiles that were the only loving thing that could harm the boss (with lovely tri-shot range that meant that you had to line the balls up with him before destroying them or hoping that he’ll fly into them), also shooting out a giant gently-caress you attack (vertically speaking) that destroyed whatever few blocks it hit, and god help you if you’re right in the way of a respawning block when it returns as it’s back to start with you.

And I haven’t even gotten to bullshit like this guy or lovely midbosses that you would have to fight constantly. The tl;dr is that MMX6 is a really bad game.

Fake edit: This is what I get for trying to post too many hardass boss fight descriptions in one post.:thud:

Wow! Good for you! Here ya go.

Based on my experience the first time I played the game, I’d agree. However, if you notice his patterns, he becomes way easier.

I loved Bouldergeist. It was the first challenge in a Mario game in years.



You had like a fucking MILIMETER between the saber’s range and walking straight into them and taking damage. I hated that boss so goddamn much, Gate’s milliard spike of doom room was a piece of cake in comparison.

Heh, if only…

Oh yeah, some vids from the stuff I was talking about earlier:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoS6Ag4OdBA&feature=related (ToD PS2 Final Boss)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdP-39qiog0 (Four Gentlemen)

Was tempted to mentioned the last bosses of Mushihimesama Futari (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji88FmxemAs&feature=related), but that’s not really fair since it’s bullet hell.

Then I was playing DFO this morning and fought this guy: Hyper Mecha Tau (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHfM9A8kQ90)
Basically, he’s one of the Ancient Dungeon bosses. Sorta dangerous by himself, but the real bitch is when he gets low on HP and summons these little Alarm bots. Unfortunately, if you don’t kill these bots fast enough (you sorta have to, since they make the boss invincible), they spawn enemies from the dungeon, all of which are bastards by themselves. Worse case scenario is having what happened in the video I posted. Kinda makes the 10-man Cartel fight look tame in comparison…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yMEh3olt94&feature=related)

Nevermind, the fact that destroying one of them only made things worse as it didn’t actually destroy the enemy itself but instead made both fuckers go even faster. And due to their size and speed, it’s almost impossible to get out of their way (and that’s before they decide to hit the fast forward key mid way through the fight).

That said, @Xenogears hard fight: Humorously enough, I beat both bosses on my first attempt without too much trouble. I ended up using only two of the Gear’s Hyper Modes to get through the first fight and I had my remaining Gear (I know it wasn’t Barts) who slammed the second fight in Hyper Mode while one of the others gassed up (Barts) and the third using Ethers and defending. After a while I think I started losing Gears but Barts had enough fuel to go into Hyper Mode at that point and finished off Miang’s Gear.

The hardest fight in Xenogears for me was the one where Fei and Elly had to beat Dominia and Kelvena twice in a row. The first time wasn’t too hard, but I always ran low on fuel in the process, and lost the second fight as a result. I guess they’re supposed to be weak against Aerods, but for some reason that never worked for me, maybe because I didn’t have the items that boost your Gears’ Ether attacks. Eventually, I solved the problem by equipping Fei with a Deathblower1, giving him a powerful attack that only cost 10 fuel. But without that solution, the fight was quite difficult, I thought.

You have to run into at least four of them on your way to the final boss. You can choose to fight them or just run away and ignore them. Two of them (the skippable ones) are team battles, and the other four are duels, fought with your sub-members (they are removed from the party for the rest of the event).

Don’t feel too bad; X6 and X7 were SUCH bullshit games. I’ve beaten X1-4 (and almost X5, ugh), as well as X8 using X with NO powerups (no special weapons, subtanks, life ups, or armor pieces), and I can barely beat X6 to begin with. It’s too bad X6 and X7 were so awful; by that time, everyone ignored X8, even though it was remarkable. I might even say X8 is the best game in the series.

I don’t think X8 was better than X1 but I will agree that its far better than anything else from the period with Sony. It did have some really good elements with Zero being allowed to wield something other than his Beam Saber, Axl’s transformation skills being worth a damn, Vava (aka Vile), the Girls (save Alia), and Sigma not being the final boss for once. My only complaints were that X’s Special Armor looked like crap, the ride armor stages (as all ride armor stages should die in a fire), and yet another blue balling plot twist at the end that wont be resolved for the next two decades (if ever).

Then again, being able to take a carry armor to a boss fight was way overdue, and redeems any issues I have with the game (save for the blue balls).