Happy Easter!


I dont know whether to laugh or be saddened with the stupidity.

I don’t understand how a drunken man and a self mutilating woman have anything to do with the ressurection.

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Those Bakayuros.

God works in mysterious ways.
Mysterious and stupid ways. Seems like he can’t stand competition.

That’s just wrong… if they wanted to get people to know that Easter is about Jesus ultimately, they shouldn’t have wipped an Easter bunny…

Someone call PETA.

Almost all Christian Holidays were before Christianity.
They had bad imagination and made up a couple of lies about already existing holidays. *Nod, nod.

Hahah sweet, they should of crucified the easter bunny.

I think what they were trying to do was get the point across to the children by wipping one of the children’s ‘heroes’ (for lack of a better word). That is, the point that Jesus suffered for humanity. Not that I agree with any of that, hell no.

You have got to be kidding me… :thud:

Weren’t they all stolen from Pagan and Wiccan holidays?

Just plain stupid

Well that’s interesting.

/me waits for the inevitable “the passion of the easter bunny” parody and/or image.

Wicca didn’t exist until the mid 1900s.


How were they stolen…?

They were replaced: Given reasons based on Christian events.