Happy Crab Day!

Well it’s September 8, which I have decided will be a day dedicated to threads about crabs. The festivities will extend into tommorow since I forgot about making this thread until just now. Anyone wishing to participate should make a thread regarding a crab related subject, or share crab related experiences here. Some suggested thread subjects are:

Crabs as food
Hermit crabs, and discussions on why we watch them
A time when you got crabs
Crab cosplay
Why you might be feeling “crabby” today
Crab style martial arts (It involves a lot of emphasis on sidestepping blows)
Someone needs to dig up that Fiddler on the roof picture that’s lurking in the media forum somewhere, and the sprite of that crab from Robotrek

Oh and since Sin provided inspiration for this idea while at the same time talking about Biology, I’m going to need a science lecture type thread on crabs from him.

We’ve got a ton of crab day threads already, so try to keep crab day discussions within existing threads unless you’ve got a really great idea.


My father once told me that he got crabs from using a restroom at a truck stop. I still don’t know how that conversation came up, but it should be a lesson to all of you.

One day, while I was sitting in a county jail in Ohio, I was stuck in this holding cell for 7 and a half hours. They called me out to get showered and deloused. Fifteen minutes later, I took a piss in my dorm and I got crabs. The really fucked up part about the jail I was in was that they only delouse one out of every 5 people(they deloused me every time I was there, probably cause they like to spray it in my eyes, and trust me, it burns. Also I just happened to be the one in five on all four visits to that shithole).
After I got out, I got rid of them. by shampooing my pubes with delousing shampoo and then shaving them . Life was so much better after that.

It would suck just as bad if this was what a case of the crabs is like

<b><u><i>FUCK CRAB DAY</b></u></i>

are we also celebrating ghost crab day tomorrow?

In honor of crab day, I drew a crab pic…they’re so cute. ^^

In honour of crab day, I ask you how you got the background.

I made it in PS7 by making the basic sand & water then added shading, and squished a broken glass brush so it’d look like seafoam ^^

Trillian, I could kiss you if this wasn’t over the internet [STRIKE]and I could work up the nerve to approach ANY girl IRL[/STRIKE].

Crab day is
<font size=89>OVER!!!</font>

I like crab meat in my salad.

King crab fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


And change the RPGClassics banner. I mean, please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pff. Crab Day should be celebrated EVERY day.

:moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

NO! The crabs must persist!

Crabs are cool! To grow, they shed their exoskeleton, fill with water and harden up a new exoskeleton. The process of shedding is the most dangerous in the life of any creature that lives inside of one.

Your scientifilogicalified ruminations on crabs are 20 days too late Sin. You have to wait until next year.