WHAT, No Sephiroth Katana Birthday Thread yet!? UNACCEPTABLE!!

OK, even if this gets merged with the Official BD thread, I still want to post my congratulations to SK for having lived another year, my hopes for his living many many more, and my thanks for always being the voice of reason amid the chaos that is RPGC.

Happy Birthday.

:booster: - What, no lame jokes?
:get it?: -Wil is trying to sound “meaningful”.
:booster: -Oh.
:booster: _…boooring.

Edit: whoops, posted it a day early. No matter, SK deserves it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Birthday before Zero does his merging trick.

Yar, happy birthday to the well informed liberal voting…guy. I’ll give you the most liberal thing here, the beer toaster. :toast:

Hi SK! :smiley: I remember when you used to make really big posts about political stuff. I didn’t really have any idea what I was talking about, so I’d make little one sentence things that were really stupid. ^.~ Happy birthday.

SK is cool enough to deserve his own thread, plus he’s staff, it’s one of the perks.

Feliz Cumpleaños!

(did I mispell that?)

You spelled it correctly, Ren :smiley:

Happy ass Birthday, SK. :smiley:

OMG! Happy “Being Born on Today Except Several Years Ago” day!

In celebration… CAMMY!

[strike]NAKED LESBIAN TWINS!!1!!![/strike]Happy B-Day, Mr. Katana!

Happy birthday, SK. I hope the next year goes well for you.

Happy Birthday SK!

gives him two succubbi for the night

Don’t stay up too late now! :mwahaha:

:open_mouth: Happy bday SK!

Happy birthday man. Many returns in your future, and continue your all-knowing.

Many happy returns! Now someone said that to you :smiley:

Yeah, ahppy day-BEFORE-your birthday, 'ncrap. Hope you have a good one, and part onto us some of your ineffable wisdom.

Happy birthday, SK, looking forward to see you HAW at something.


Well it’s one day later here (you all suck), so happy Birthday SK. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, SK. =D