Happy Birthday Sir Percival!

Here’s to you, Percy, the Flower of Chivalry! Wherever you are, you’re always welcome here! :toast:

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday. :toast:

I have a feel birthday threads are gonna get really popular, haha.

Percival deserves his own.

Have a good one, Perc.

Happy birthday Perc, wherever you are! Hope things are going well for you!

Happy B-da, Sir Percy. Hope you have a great one. bows

Percy deserves his own because he’s Staff. Only Staffers deserve their own threads. Trillian got to keep hers because it mentioned Charl too.

Well happy birthday to the medieval knight of RPGC, Sir Percival.

Happy birthday, Sir Percival. Many happy returns.

Happy birthday Sir Percival. May you return one day to see this thread.

Percy, yay.

Happy birthday Sir Percival where ever you are now.

Happy Birthday, Sir Percival. Staff or not, you deserve a birthday thread, for being such a gentleman all the time.

Ma<b></b>ho birthday!

Oh, so that’s why I didn’t get my very own birthday thread! Well, at least I got a birthday song parody. :smiley:


Ahh yes, the ignorant Welsh knight gets a thread. (Literary Reference).

Happy birthday.

Sundry folk of RPGC, I thank you of your worship heartily, and, by my faith, it marvelleth me out of measure that ye have yet holden me in remembrance. I have you not forgotten though hither I unneath (scarcely) come. I rue that I might not come to bless your days of birth. Yet I cry especial worship unto Victoria of the Mint, that hath let speed my remembrance of you by an email upon this eve.

I dread me that I may not now abide, for I am yet hard set at mine errand that will not be achieved till this month is passed (i.e. graduate school is one hell of a lot of work).

Fare ye well. I shall assay to bear with me a photograph of my likeness and my friends when I shall come hither again.

I remember a thread was made about Percival not being around lately, and someone posted that “he was probably charging into windmills”. I thought that was pretty funny.

Happy Birthday.

Man, so many people arrived on the planet (and blinking stepped in to the sun~ shot) about this time of the year.

Happy birthday, Perc, hope you had a good one!