What does it mean to you?

(Sorry for all the weird topics, but this is the stuff I think about)



Happiness… is a warm gun.

I just wanted to get that one out of the way, because I knew it was coming from somebody.

As for happiness… I don’t really think about it that much. I’ll settle for content. Once I get content, then maybe I’ll try and be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I mean, I know things that MAKE me happy, and they’re mostly biologically motivated. I’m happy if I eat something really delicious. I’m happy being with an attractive mate. I’m happy when I prove that I’m dominent in some way over another human being. I don’t think happiness is all that complex. It’s a chemical state, much like any other emotion.

I was going to say it’s a warm puppy.

But GAP went all emo.

I have never, and will never go “all emo.” There are perfectly acceptable words in the English language that existed before that bastard music genre came screaming and crying out of the womb of GOOD counterculture movements.

I was also going to mention the warm puppy, but I wasn’t sure if Schultz’s was first or the Beatles’ was.

If you smile when you think about where and who you.


Thank you.


/ wrists

I see what you did there… and I like it.

You <3

Generally I’m most happy when I feel accomplished. If I feel I’m actually doing something, particularly something that will help other people, that’s when I feel the best about myself and the world in general.

E.T drink Beeeeer!

Serious reply now.

Happiness to me is when I’m perfectly content with how my life is at a particular moment in time and during that point in time I desire nothing at all to improve my life, because I know that I can make it happen on my own in due time if I truly will it.

brown paper packages tied up with string.

I know examples of things that make me happy and as long as I have those things I will be happy, but I can not define happiness.
I find I am happiest when I’m sitting around the kitchen table making dinner with my friends while we talk about our latest D&D campaign or how Rogue and Gambit make the best pairing in the X-men.

I’m probably most happy when I’m creating something, whether it’s visual art, writing or music.

Awwwww jyeah!

I’m happy right now

An hour ago I was sniffling and aching!

That high you get after a really good workout makes me happy. Sunny days in general as well