Hair Question

I come here today a humble questioner, seeking answers from the vast knowledge that is the RPGC Agora. What do I ask you sages of knowledge and wisdom? Well, I want to dye my hair red. RED. Like Reno from FF7 red. I was wondering if any of you know of, or have friends that know of, a good company to use for this sort of hair coloring?

Many thanks.

Ask Setz. He’s a master at dyeing hair.

You want to be careful it doesn’t turn or fade into a pinkish hue. The best thing you can do is test different dyes on locks of your own hair and see what it looks like. Always test on a bit of cut hair before applying the thing to your head.

You could go to a salon or hair school and get it done. The hair school would be more likely to give advice on doing your own touch ups.

Doing that will cost him at least a hundred bucks. Not sure he wants it that badly.

Fuck it, and go deep.


A salon will cost a hundred. A hair school will cost 50 and under.

why on earth would you do that?

you realize you’ll be wearing your nerd on your sleeve

Get a reverse mohawk.

I’d say to go to a salon if you want awesome results. Splat is a brand that comes out really vibrant, but can come out pinker than you’d want.
I always used Manic Panic with awesome results. Seriously, I’ve had my hair every color of the rainbow and have a lot of experience with this. Make sure to leave it on for at least half an hour and, if you can, use heat from a hairdryer too.
You’ll have to bleach your hair out first, to platinum, to get a pure red hue. If you have dark hair, thats probably gonna be at least 2 rounds of bleaching, since the first one’ll get you to orange.
Red is the hardest color to keep, it gets brassy really easily or fades. It probably won’t go pink, however, unless its a pink-y shade of red. Vampire Red, for example, is deep and won’t go pink.
Try manic panic, is the best I can say. They sell it at Hot Topic and Im sure they have a website. I reccommend L’oreal Feria ultra light blonde bleach for a bleach brand. They sell it at any pharmacy or walmart, and its the best of many I have used.
You’ll have to upkeep it by using colorsafe shampoo/conditioner, and using a little leftover color with your shampoo every week or so, and recolor in like 6 weeks.

Kool-aid. Probably fades quicker than real dye, but you can buy like ten dollars of hair dye or like ten cents of hair dye a little more often.

Kool-aid really doesn’t work, you have to bleach it still, and it can make your hair brittle and yucky. If you want the hair, you have to put in the effort/money. You will smell like fruit punch though :slight_smile:

Worked fine for everyone I know who’s done it. None of the blonds even bother bleaching. Which, regardless of dye used, is the part that really fucks up one’s hair.

Thanks for the help!

I think I’d trust the person with the pink hair in this case. :smiley:

Shut up, Sergei Rachmaninoff knows his shit.

I thought for sure your avatar was going to be some James Bond, inspector, gangster person – didn’t see a pianist.

From a compositional POV yes, but I enjoy his music more when played by other musicians. The 2nd piano concerto is a bit overwrought too, no? No hard feelings.

I don’t really fear it’s fair to judge his playing, since most of it that survives, at least as far as I’ve heard, is pretty poorly recorded. As for overwrought, he is romantic. That’s how they roll. He just usually pulls off the way too much is not enough thing quite tastefully (consider his “Elegy” against most other songs titled “Elegy”), although he’s got some Rachmanenough pieces, to be sure.

Plus, this thread is not about music, it is about hair dye. And if anyone knows how to dye one’s hair, it is Rachmaninoff.