A <a href=“http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/hackgu/news_6126890.html”>new</a> chapter. I’m looking forward to it. Though I still want a real .hack MMORPG :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not too crazy about adding even more characters, with Tsukasa’s group, Kite’s [.hackers] and Shugo’s [.hackers] one would think it wouldn’t kill them to bring some old faces back, as well as having yet ANOTHER Kite lookalike. The fact that a player likes to kill Player Killers seems a bit ironic, but at least it opens up the chance of Sora popping up now and then :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope they don’t run the series into the ground by adding needless sequels. The //DUSK manga seemed like a nice way of finishing it.

I swear, .hack fans are the brokest people on the planet.

The game sounds cool though. :thinking: I really need to start the .hack video games. Eheh…


You know, I really tried to like .hack. But when the only chance you have of getting yourself a birthday present is used on first chapter of said game, even if it was for twenty dollars, and you don’t enjoy it, you form a bias against the whole series.

I like the story. I like both of the animes marginally (Sign and Key of Twilight, or whatever the second one is). So why is it that I dislike playing the games so much? I suppose it’s because I knew it had a good story, but I’ll be darned if I’ll force myself to go through all those tedious battles and that uninteresting music to get to it. Well, that’s just in my opinion anyway. I mean, the graphics aren’t terrible it’s just the game is so…blah to me.

This has to be the first time I hear somone say they don’t like .hack music. I myself thought it was the high point of the series.

Yeah, really. The music is pretty damn good. I’m actually looking forward to see how these new character’s titles will work in.

Since, y’know. They’re the same as the wave’s.

Well, I mean, the music in the anime is alright, but the music in the games dungeons except for one that comes to mind in the ice castle levels are…just totally forgettable. I mean, if they changed the music later in the series to something good, then I suppose I would change my mind, but I really can’t say I remember more than one theme from the first game. Seriously.

I, um, guess I’m weird or something.

i wish that u could change ur appearence, i mean only a weapon can change, i wish to change his clothes(main character) i mean orange? I say they make it so u can choose the appearence of ur character instead of the blue haired guy.

…Red, not orange. Kite was cool. This new character doesn’t look too bad either.

ohhhh, i could have sworn it was orange…oh ok well then, thanx for telling me.


You know, I’ve had Infection for years now and haven’t played it yet. :\

edited to avoid puns.

Does that Explain the Chatpter 4 yellow data flag?


Kite looked evil in the E3 trailer.

Not really. Oh and the character that looks like Kite is supposed to be called “Tri-Edge.”

Well Both Minru and Blackrose did have the same model… So Kite can have a clone…


Kite already has a clone, he’s called Shugo. Mimiru has two pallet swaps, Blackrose and Rena, which by the way are exact clones of each other, then there’s Bear and Orca, or Mistral and Mireille, or Tsukasa and Elk, or… you get the idea.

Seriously, I get the “they are just avatars” thingie but it wouldn’t kill them to introduce some new models for the old classes like they did with Hotaru (Supposedly a Wavemaster like Elk).

have any of you seen the .hack series, i got into it, and it was ok, i mean there was more talking than action. It was like DBZ but with way more talking.

I’m tlaking about .hack sign of course, theres another one out there thats a little more kiddish if you ask me.

//SIGN or at least characters from //SIGN have been mentioned in this very same thread four times. Yes, we’ve seen it.

Sorry, i dont remember there names, so i didnt know who you were talking about except for blackrose, she is from the game, and…wel thats the only one, so sorry for asking.

crap, im sorry…I DIDNT MEAN TO DOUBLE POST!!! shoot…crap, i look like and idiot…please dont comment(spell check) :bowser:

So why did you ask about it? Is there anything you want answered? The “more kiddish one” is .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet or as it’s more commonly known, the unofficial title .hack//DUSK. It’s based on an considerably less stupid manga by the way.