<a href=“http://www.dothackers.net/”>YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS</a>! Oh and the official site: http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/fragment/

sweet, what system is it for, i didnt feel like reading. And hopefully you get to choose what you look like and what kind of weapon you want.

PC and PS2

sweet, another game to get. Ill get it for ps2. Now i dotn understand how the whole online for playstaion is, do yuou just hook it up and it will go, or what? and when does it come out?

Read the link, lazy ass :stuck_out_tongue:

Goddamnit Cro, forget about .hack already.

Let’s get MGS3 Subsitence instead :open_mouth:

Ok, i could at least do that. I thought youy would know off the top of your head seeing how you are crazy about this game.

How about I get both - then we all win :stuck_out_tongue: If you pick that up are you gonna play online? Cause if I can get some people who will play Subsistence online, I’ll buy a network adapter and router.

It depends on how good the online mode is. If it is, I’ll probably pick it up.


Goddamnit there’s no way in hell I’ll be able to play this ;_;

never mind

I knew they were gonna do it, but now that it’s been announced, I’m a very happy little cat girl. XD

what appears to me is that you can choose between 2 characters. kite or this other dude thats starts with an A. id pick the dude with an A. he has cool weapons.

…you make your own character. Common fucking sense.

I really hope they add more classes though. What do they have really? Wavemaster, Swordmaster, Heavy Blade, Heavy Axe, Twin-Blade and Long Arm? I might be forgetting some but that’s not too much for a MMORPG these days.

PS: Did you check out the G.U. pics down there? Tri Ace looks like a zombie :open_mouth:

EDIT: Who starts with “A”?

That he does. I think I heard something about being able to multi-class after maxing out a character. This was something that was read and posted out of some .hack book on a board though, so for now its just a rumor. Though I’m starting to believe it since Haseo doesn’t seem to be limited to Twin Blade weapons in the .hack//G.U. trailer.

quick question will you be able to use the braclet no matter who you are or do you have to be kite or what?

gee and we have no clue who you want to be :thud:

:moogle: coughmystralcough cough

It’s an MMORPG, YOU ARE NOT PLAYING AS KITE! The Twilight Bracelet was an über-special item entrusted to him by Aura that had the power to re-write data, do you actually think something like that could fit on a massive media game?

Common sense, sheesh.

well, im happy that you get to make your own character. Makes me happy.