GunslingerGuy Forsaken Station: What are your favourite non-RPG PS1 games?

I’m just getting bored with my psp and want something old.



Crash Bandicoot 2

Megaman Legends 2 says hi.

Intelligent Qube.

Armored Core
DBZ Legends
DB Final Bout
Gundam Battle Assault
Resident Evil 1-3
Crash Bandicoot was alright
Metal Gear Solid

Perfect game for you. Irritating Dick. I mean, Stick.

Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, Res. Evil 2, Silent Hill.

Both Oddworld games, pure fucking awesomeness and I imagine even better on PSP (not tried it myself yet though to be fair). Micro Machines V3 was insane amounts of fun, as was Wipeout 2097/XL. Die Hard Trilogy is an absolute must, even if the lightgun sequences could be a bit ‘interesting’.

Off the beaten track, some of the puzzlers are sheer OCD playing on a disc. Devil Dice is a game you can stick in your console, sit down to play and not realise until too late that you’ve died of starvation. Kula World also runs along similar lines, as does the utterly quirky and fun Mr. Domino. And, simply because I always do this when asked for PS1 recommendations, check out the demo discs given away with the official magazine as they (at least in Europe) contained homebrew games, some of which were utterly fucking GOLDEN. I can’t remember the amount of times in 1998-1999 I found myself playing games like Super Bub until 2 in the morning. Ten years on, it’s still one of the most playable games on the system, homebrew or not.

Megaman Legends.
Megaman X4-5.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.
Rayman. Tomba.
Ape Escape.

Can’t believe I forgot Parappa the Rapper :I

Even though, upon reflection, the game did not age particularly well, I still have a strange fondness for MediEvil.

The first two (three?) Silent Hills, Metal Gear Solid, the first couple Legacy of Kain games, Incredible Crisis, Killer 7.

Killer 7 is a GameCube game, btw.

MGS has not aged well, and it wasn’t very good to begin with. Stop recommending shit. This thread should’ve been closed after my post. Except Mabat’s Megaman X5 suggestion. That one’s legit.

I’m beginning to think you might be a bot.

Yeah, that’s a side effect of being so arrogant that you don’t think anything can intelligently disagree with you.

You’re a poopy face!

MGS really is bad though.

The problem with MSG is that MSG3 exists and is far better at everything save for the clumsy camouflage menu interface.

[STRIKE]MMX4 was probably slightly better due to not setting you up to get dicked over if you play Zero but don’t meet the conditions for his ending (plus the VAing was so bad its become somewhat hilarious now).[/STRIKE] Ah, who am I kidding. X5 has only half a ride armor stage versus X4’s three part ride armor stage and nothing’s going to justify slogging through that. X5 wins! Fatality!

What were you playing, Hades, when MGS came out? I don’t know how well it has aged, but it stood head & shoulders above most contemporary games (incidentally, metacritic 94/100, 20 reviews).

There’s a pretty hefty list of games around the 97/98 era that make MGS look like a joke.

The ones I was playing:
Ocarina of Time
Brood War
Pokemon Blue
Final Fantasy 7
Age of Empires
Mario Kart 64
Star Fox 64
Goldeneye (I personally hated it, but I feel like I can use it here because so many people believe it was the game of the decade)

Other notable games from the era I didn’t play until later, or still haven’t played:
Castlevania SotN
Megaman X4
The Curse of Monkey Island
Quake II
X-Wing vs Tie Fighter
Ultima Online
Final Fantasy Tactics

These were all taken from an abridged list of releases on Wikipedia. I was also not a very spoiled kid in terms of owning a lot of videogames. I also didn’t mention a lot of games that I thought were shit, like Grand Theft Auto, even though a lot of people would make a case for them beating out MGS :confused: It just doesn’t stand up to many major releases +/- a year of its own. That is why I call it poop.

In fact, I feel like throwing some 96 releases into the mix just to drive my point home:
Super Mario RPG
Resident Evil
Super Mario 64
Crash Bandicoot (which I didn’t like, but no one would argue that it’s legendary)
Command and Conquer: Red Alert
Tomb Raider
Shadows Of The Empire (this is a good one to list since it did MGS better than MGS did it, more than a year earlier. But then again, even Gerudo Fortress in OoT did MGS better than MGS.)
Donkey Kong Country 3

Again, these are all taken from a very short list, and are probably not the best games of their era. They just happened to be the most popular. In fact, go back to 95 and you get shit like Yoshi’s Island, DKC2, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Suikoden, TIDES OF FUCKING DARKNESS. You can’t really use the “good for its time” argument on MGS; quite a few games were one-upping it hardcore YEARS in advance. Fuck MGS, yo!

Lawl. I love you Hades.

But seriously, give MGS a go as far as non-RPG PS1 titles. If ya don’t like it, fuck it, play something else :stuck_out_tongue: