Guns N Roses Ban

Okay, I kid you not, the creepy guy from the end of the hall (dorm) just wandered in and saw me reading the message boards and started talking to me. Normally this isn’t that big of a deal (unless he keeps talking for three hours and annoys me to the point that I run down the hall to get a shot of vodka just to deal with the mental pain of it all), but this time he mentioned that one of his friends got kicked off of a message board…

…For Badmouthing Guns N Roses!

First of all, who badmouths GNR? Second, how does one get banned for talking shit about a music group? Can someone with ban power or lots of experience on many different boards explain this to me?

In that guy’s defense, everything Guns n Roses did besides Appetite for Destruction sucks really bad.

Did he mention what the topic of the message board was? If it was on a G&R forum then the banning person might have had a good reason.

Otherwise, I doubt anyone else will be able to see things from the mod’s point of view, unless his arse is wide enough to accommodate TWO heads at once. :-/

I really, hate guns and roses

Was it by any change, a guns and roses message board?

Different forum, different mods, different rules, etc.

Not all forums have great mods like this one. :smiley: coughkissupcough

How true.

Case in point: the H2G2, which is now run by the BBC, and when they remove posts, you don’t even KNOW who posted them, or what rule they broke.

I havent heard anything about Guns and Roses since I moved out of [STRIKE]redneck-ville[/STRIKE] Kentucky.

Welcome to the jungle, we got mods and… idiots.

That was lame.

The mod was probably just a GnR fan, doing his best to emulate Axl’s behavior.


(I mean, the way he ran off or kicked out all the original [pronounced “Good”] lineup, and his penchant for cancelling shows when he’s “not in the mood to perform” … doesn’t he seem like the kind of guy who if he modded a message board would ban people just like that, for little things?)

:hahaha; :mwahaha:

That was perfect…

Creed is heavy metal, G&R sucks, techno is for fags, classical is for old women of both sexes, playing guitar is for sexually repressed males with small cocks, emo is for pretentious attention whores who cut their wrists horizontally, j-pop is for losers who think they’re samurai when really they’re white foreigner trash who couldn’t cut dog shit with a chain saw, and tanks, can indeed, kill samurai.

There, I think I offended everyone here.

If someone insults something you like, suck it up. If someone bans you for insulting something they like, you’re an idiot, suck it up more. Bottling up your emotions is the path to salvation.

Actually, none of that offended me. All that sucks ass.

Darkness Beckons is a stupid name that only stupid people would use.

Still doesn’t offend me since I was drunk when I chose this name and also think it sucks.

Well I think Ireland sucks.

That offends me slightly…I guess.

That’s crappy.

You forgot electronic music. :-p

And Goths. And ninjas. And the Beatles. And me, but you always say stuff to offend me. :3