Guess What The Weather Is Here?

Well people…I’m bored…I’m procastinating revision, and I’m bored, so…yeah. Feel free to take the poll. :slight_smile:

What’s the weather like? hmmmmmm… I wonder!:noway:

PS: Your not the only one procastinating revision. I should have started about a week ago, and I still have yet to open a book outside of school.

Here’s to skiving revision! raises glass

Too right! rasies glass

Do you by any chance live in Vancouver or Seattle? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, actually I don’t. This is somewhere else where we have pretty much permanent foul weather…

Personally I have a mixture of weather, one week sunny, the next week rain/dull, right now it’s a mixture of being dull and sunny, odd combination!

Well, it stopped raining about an hour ago, and it’s kinda sunny now, but…the clouds are still there, threatening for tomorrow…sighs I should be used to it, but I’d like a lil sun now and again.

I would actually like a little bit of snow, while still being sunny. I hardly ever get to see that combination!:hmm:

We had snow a few months back here…for the first time in, like, five years or whatever…it only ever rains, but never snows! Gah!

You got snow! You lucky bastard… er, I mean bitch!

The last time it actually snowed, it melted before it could put I nice layer on anything! How annoying is that?:moogle:

LOL! Well, we had about 2 weeks, but it got stupid in the end. I mean, like, people being snowed in and wahtever. It was quite deep in some areas.

And poor you! That’s really annoying! If I’d’ve been on the board then, I coulda mailed you some snow! lol

Originally posted by Lady Shadowz
If I’d’ve been on the board then, I coulda mailed you some snow! lol

Could you really, that would be so cool, or would that have to be cold?

Hmm…on second thoughts, it mighta melted. Oh well…throws useless idea outta window

No snow now, fotunately…I mean May, supposed to be warm…or not, in our case here…tch

Which is worse, foul weather or school? I think SCHOOL is!

School! Definately! Ah well, only a few more years and I can leave…

You got that right Lady, glad I only have just over two years left, definitely, although I may end up going Uni, have yet to decide

I got about 2 or 3 years left as well…can’t wait! I wanna go the uni or college or summat to study english, but we’ll see what happens when we get there…

That’s cool Lady!

If I go, I want to study either maths/physics/photography/computers, those would probably be my best areas.:moogle:

Ah, I’m really bad at maths and physics…I don’t think logic is really my thing. I’m better at languages, although I don’t mind biology. My physics and chemistry teachers are evil! ICT (computers) is summat I took up for my exams, but I’m not very good at databases, spreadsheets, and all that stuff. I can type pretty fast though! :wink: