Greatest RPG

Only 15 selections… oh well (Pick from my list)

EDIT : So many games had to get the chop to make room… feel free to post honorable mentions.

:noway:Damn you Weigraf! You didn’t put Crono Trigger on the list!

On second thought if it was it would get 100% anyway so it would be a no contest…cause everyone knows CT is the greatest video game of all time!

Hey Weigraf- fun fact: posts don’t count in the polling forum.

That being said, the greatest RPG is Fallout… 1. :smug:

The Greatest RPG… is Final Fantasy 984. I’m disappointed in the lack of an option for it.

Edit: Spoke too soon :smiley:

Valkyria Chronicles.

As it is not in the poll, my vote goes to the great FFCMLXXXIV. It was great - there was even a crossover character: Megaman!

Let us join in the wastes, mashing Radscorpions with our Super Sledge till we expire!

FO2 is a better game, but HtH characters in FO are so enjoyable.
Also, my last Iron Man Fallout playthrough ended en route to the Mutant base, by a critical snipe causing 266 damage and reducing [character] to charred remains. The wasteland claims your bones.

Hah I know that… I didn’t want to be the first one to vote.

Hmm… not sure who is doing that… but its testing my patience…

I haven’t played some of the games listed here, but of the ones I have, I liked FFIV the best.

Why isn’t Runescape up there?

Well… let’s see. CM means 900. L means 50. X means 10. IV means 4. I’m pretty sure you can figure it out. :smug:

The greatest RPG is likely the one not listed here…
(Though you likely couldn’t make a poll big enough for it, IMO.)

Anyhow, this just limits my vote for the awesome Final Fantasy CMLXXXIV. Pretty hard to beat that, ya know?

If Chrono Trigger, Lunar, or Breath of Fire was on there, I’d vote.

I’m rather surprised Kingdom hearts isn’t a choice myself. Also, I’m not sure if you could count any of the Breath of Fire games among the “greatest RPGs ever.” Unless it’s a really long list.

Because KH is Disney, not an RPG, and bad >_>

Being Disney doesn’t disqualify it from being an RPG, given the other side of production was Square. Also, its music is really well done - and with music being an integral part of games… And being able to make a really good overall story combined with several smaller ones based on a wide variety of the best Disney movies. I - and a number of others I know - enjoyed these enough for it to be on such a list, even if you didn’t.

He wasn’t saying that it being Disney disqualified it from being an RPG. He listed three different points that were unconnected.

Ah, I understood it as a clarifying statement. A list makes much more sense.

I’m curious, exactly what disqualifies it from being an RPG in your mind, hades? I’m not entirely clear on that, since it fits a pretty common definition of RPG - where you play a character to watch how their story and their own character grows over time.

I personally think KH is an RPG, but your definition doesn’t make an RPG. There are plenty of non-RPG games in which you follow a character and watch how their story and their character grows over time (No More Heroes comes to mind). There are also plenty of RPGs, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, which have little to no characterization whatsoever.