Greatest RPG

KH isn’t an RPG to me, the same way rap isn’t music to a lot of people. It obviously is, but it’s such retarded cheese that many people choose not to consider it legit music.

Beyond the Beyond? Hylide? This list should have a “other” option.

I have played none of these games, but you know I’ve heard great reviews of FFCMLXXXIV.

I haven’t played too many games, much less rpgs, at all. If Okami counts as an rpg, that’s the one that would get my vote.

I played flOw, does that count as an RPG?

Were’s FF9? And Shining Force over Crono Trigger? You coudn’t even save that game on Genesis…

Either way one of my all time favorite FF’s is FF9 and I know how underappreciated it is but if your gonna list one FF (7 of course…) you might as well list them all.
Such as FF6, why 4 over 6?

Castlevania: SotN, or FFVI if it needs to be more RPGish.

The Music (especially Terra’s Theme), Puns in character dialogue, and Kefka. Well, at least for me.

He said why 4 over 6, not 6 over 4.

What is the difference between Shadowrun on the snes and Shadowrun on the Genesis?

Never mind.