Good lord. This has to be a joke...,11913,987172,00.html

From what I read… this is just sick.

Very very sick.


I hope thats a joke, if it isn’t then its the most hideous thing I have ever heard of. If I want to have my rights violated, I wont be paying for it.

Surely those places must fall under a “breach of care” clause.

runs by, pursued by several guards

Well that’s sickening. Also, I highly doubt the British government would send any kids there if they read that article.

that’s just horrifying.
i hope i don’t get sent there

Uh, I’m starting to think better of Britian for not letting kids there yet


Makes me want to visit Britain right now.

Whoa, as if I didn’t ALREADY like Britain a lot!

Anybody who sends their kid to a program like that deserves to be stabbed. Twice. With a rusty knife. And then let the wound fester for days- days and days… and after that, you give them a little hope- you heal the wound… yes you heal it… heal it… with no anasthesia…


EDIT: Oh, and you don’t know what I want to do to that BASTARD running the program. Lets just say I’d keep him alive.

… no. Just. No.

Just like Clockwork Orange. I still have a hard time accepting that this is real… it’s just too horrible to imagine.

Another sad thing is that some of the comments left by readers are in favor for this treatment.

Haw haw

Not cool. My dad joked around a bit when I showed him this and he said I was going there.

<img src=“”> I hope you enjoy getting up at 4 AM, then.

The best way to control any kid… make them feel like scum, and erase any hint of individuality…

God, its this type of reprogramming Orwell predicted in 1984.


Jeeze I knew about this a couple weeks ago too… this place is pretty slow with the news :get it?:
No but really, that place is pretty stupid… sending children there for the dumbest reasons too, such as wearing unsuitable clothing… That’s ridiculous. I guess that’s what happens when you have parents that are unsuitable parents. They should have places like these so kids can send those types of parents to them.

Parents actually PAY for that? Jeez… I hope their kids grow up to resent them doing that*… makes you wonder what happened to the founder arsehole when he was a kid…

*sadly, that seems unlikely, given the level of deprogramming going on there. :too bad; :too bad; :too bad;