Going down? You might get cancer.

Click here.

And this will stop me how?


Duh. Take note that its because of papilloma virus though :P.

I find it sad the media is slow to pick these things up or that the media likes to hype up little events instead of communicating other important scientific material.

If mouth cancer is the price. I pay it gladly.

If you had to avoid everything in life that might give you cancer, you wouldn’t have any fun anymore.

Especially this.

That just sucks <<…>>

But seriously how many of the test subjects were alcoholics and or smoked cigarettes or something else.

I’d be more surprised if something didn’t give you cancer.

Of course, doesn’t he papilloma virus give you herpes and cold sores?

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And this will stop me how?

My thoughts exactly SS :mwahaha: ! Now, I just need to find a girlfriend…:too bad;

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That just sucks

But why would giving oral sex give you cancer? Wouldn’t eating also give you cancer? and like wouldnt lots of things give you cancer? And why do you get cancer? This is stupid! I’m beging more and more to think cancer is just a fake deasease that somone made up.

GSM : only I am allowed to make puns that bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, cancer happens on its own, though less without outside help.

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I’m beging more and more to think cancer is just a fake deasease that somone made up.

It’s not made up in any way, shape, or form Charl. It’s not fun either. Take it from somebody who had a brain tumor when he was only a year old (yeah, that’s me). I’m still suffering from side effect from chemo and radiation to treat the fucker (scoliosis, hearing loss, etc, recurring skin cancers…) Not fun or made up.

Is there anything that doesn’t give you cancer anymore?

Buh, still won’t stop me from doing it though (and having it done to).

Well, Nulani, you remember the hilarity and joy we had around here when it turned out auto-erotic stimulation prevented cancer.

[Wee hee. fap fap fap Now I’m safe!]

In males, anyway. Women are still totally screwed. (But isn’t that always the case in this 70 cents on the dollar world?)

What you talking about?buzzzzz <<…>> (hehe screwed -_-)
You might go blind Kaiser!

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You might go blind Kaiser!

At least he wont get cancer from that.

Smoking gives you mouth cancer? I thought that was just chewing tobacco…