God Damn It!

It appeard my bitch neighbor has called in to complain about my pond. And it looks like I’ll have to fill it in. What should I do?

Shoot the neighbor in the head, dump him in the pond, then fill it in.

Kill your neighbor?

k, thx, now how about some real advice?

put a tarp over it and then put grass clippings on the tarp.
Edit: Or put astro turf over it.

Well as far as real advice goes, it would be a good idea to check with the local laws and ordinances. (sp?)

If your pond is fine legally, maybe you can talk with your neighbor about the pond, see if he has any opinions. If you want to keep the pond, and he thinks it’s an eyesore, maybe you can come to a compromise.

If it’s a natural pond, and push comes to shove, you can try to get it declared wetlands, if aquatic birds come through your area or something. Then nothing can make anyone fill it. but then, NOONE can fill it. Heh.

I hate you, steve

Take the neighbor’s kid or pet and hold it hostage and if they don’t comply skin the kid(or the pet). Show the nieghbor who’s boss.

What, you asked for help. I meant temporarily put it over there, and take it off at night or something.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Put up a fence.

Kidnap some rare, endangered freshwater fish and put them in your pond. Your pond is now protected because you can’t destroy endangered animal habitats.

what’s this git got against your pond anyway, Charlie?

Why do you want the pond so badly anyway? Filly it and grow grass on top.

why is the neighbor made about it in the first place?

Well, try talking it out with your neigbor first and see if there’s some kind of compromise you can come to.

If the neighbor is deadset against your pond, hire a lawyer to pore over your town’s zoning laws to see if you can find some angle to work from to protect your pond. Of course, the lawyer will cost money, and all you might get from the deal is being told that you’re legally screwed.

I would suggest trying to work it out with your neighbor before launching a legal attack, because this is a person who you have to live near and slamming them on the head with the town laws won’t be good for future relations. Only do that if she’s unwilling to work something out.

I’d tell her to go jump in it. =P

Do you live in one of those neighborhoods where they enforce a facist code of property asthetics? Or is the pond deep enough that a 3-year old would fall in (this is assuming that you don’t have a fence.)?

Complain about something of theirs. Or blow up their house. They won’t be your neighbors no more.

What Merlin and SS said.

Yeah, what Merlin and SS said.

Fill it with jell-o. Everyone loves jello.

And maybe I can find somebody who can accomplish my dream of having a pool filled with jell-o.