Go ahead. Taste me.


First there was the college student who gave the language the immortal phrase “Don’t Tase me, bro!” before being zapped by police. Now, there’s the 72-year-old great-grandmother who told a cop, “Go ahead. Tase me” — and got what she asked for.

Kathryn Winkfein was stopped for doing 60 mph in a 45 zone in her pickup truck on a highway near Austin, Texas. After Deputy Chris Bieze finished writing the ticket, he gave it to her and asked her to sign it.

Winkfein refused. Bieze insisted, saying he would have to arrest her if she didn’t sign the ticket. When she wouldn’t sign, he opened the door to the truck and told her to get out.

Differing accounts
This all happened around 2 p.m. on May 11. But it didn’t become news until Winkfein told a local television station that she had been mistreated. The Travis County Constable’s Office alleged that she had been argumentative and profane. She denied the charge, telling a local Fox News reporter, “I was not argumentative. I was not combative. Every bit of this is a lie.”

In response, the constable’s office released the dashboard video of the arrest, which shows Winkfein using vulgar language and daring Bieze to use his Taser. According to the time stamp on the dashboard video, it was at least seven minutes from when Bieze told the elderly woman to get out of her truck until he finally hit her with 50,000 volts of low-amperage electricity and she fell screaming to the ground.

Winkfein has not commented since the video was released. According to the local Fox station, she has hired an attorney.

When Bieze tells her to get out of her truck, Winkfein says, “Take me to jail. Go on and take me to jail.”

“Step on out,” the officer commands.

The woman gets out of the truck and walks along the side of the road, close to the fog line separating the shoulder from the traffic lane.

“Give me the [expletive] thing and I’ll sign it,” she tells Bieze, but the officer has already told her she is being arrested. When Winkfein strays close to the traffic lane, the officer pushes her onto the shoulder.

“You’re gonna shove a 72-year-old woman?” Winkfein yells at him.

“If you don’t step back, you’re gonna be Tased,” Bieze says.

That’s when Winkfein said, “Go ahead. Tase me.”

‘I dare you’
Even then, Bieze did not use the Taser he had out and ready. He attempted to grab her, but Winkfein twisted away.

“Step back or you’re gonna be Tased, ma’am,” Bieze says again.

“I dare you,” she said.

Winkfein then decided she was leaving and tried to walk back to her truck.

“I’m getting back in my car,” she said.

“You’re gonna be Tased,” Bieze said, blocking her path.

“I’m getting back in my car,” she insists.

“No, ma’am,” he says.

That’s when he finally fired the Taser and Winkfein went down screaming.

“Now put your hands behind your back!” Bieze orders the woman, who has fallen out of the picture. “Put your hands behind your back, or you’re gonna be Tased again!”

Bieze finally took Winkfein into custody and charged her with resisting arrest.

Sgt. Maj. Gary Griffin of the Travis County, Texas, Constable’s Office told NBC News that Bieze acted appropriately.

“He mitigated this event safely, effectively and efficiently. Nobody sustained any injury,” Griffin said.

Bet she never dares a cop to do shit again.

It would’ve likely been a whole different story if she died from it (the taser, the fall, poor heart,…); with a headline like, (deep movie preview voice) “Cop tasers 72 year old lady to death.” Someone would also somehow try to trial the cop for deadly force. Everyone would be wondering, “why on Earth would you taser a 72 year old?”

This is funny, though, too.

Proving that the law’s default response is to be as much of a dick as anyone is to them, back, but with weapons and the legal right to do it.

Fuck the cop and the woman.

Fuck everyone.

And fuck the world, too.

yea, fuck it all.

It’s good for the cop there’s a video. People would probably believe a 72 year old caterwauling about mistreatment, crying as she tells the tale of how some power-hungry brute of a man tased her for the hell of it.
Now its just kind of funny imagining an old lady swearin’ at a cop.

Man, this story is so stupid it’s almost out of a movie. Too bad it’s actually news!

the day this is “NEWS” is the day I’ve wondered into a time machine. this has been going on forever and will probably never stop.

I wanna see the video.

its all over youtube right now

There are two things: Supposedly, this man has received training to handle the public -including 72 y/o women who can’t act rationally.

Secondly, the taser is supposed to be used in situations where a cop would otherwise use his gun i.e. lethal force. Imagine this one:

“If you don’t step back, you’re gonna be Shot,” Bieze says.

That’s when Winkfein said, “Go ahead. Shoot me.”

‘I dare you’
Even then, Bieze did not use the gun he had out and ready. He attempted to grab her, but Winkfein twisted away.

“Step back or you’re gonna be Shot, ma’am,” Bieze says again.

“I dare you,” she said.

Pretty unlikely, eh? They should call the things irresponsibility guns.

Rig: I disagree with your assumption of when a taser is supposed to be used. In this situation, the taser was used to minimize the chance a conflict could turn ugly. Can you imagine if the cop had had to wrestle the woman down with traffic whizzing by? As big as the guy was, it wouldn’t have taken much for someone to fall or lose balance just enough to get hit by a car.

She was returning to her car, so she was moving to a safer place. I honestly don’t know if U.S. law allows for an arrest based on the evidence from the cam -but what would the cop have done before the police got equipped with tasers? If we don’t trust him to handle a disobeying 72 y/o woman, what would he do with a 24 y/o guy or someone who actually threatened him? Besides, he did cause the fall of an old woman after electroshocking her and at that age a fall alone can cause serious problems.

Sorry, I read this as “Go ahead, Taste Me”

She was being arrested so if he were to wrestle her down, that would’ve put him, her and other motorists at risk, while the taser only put her at a different kind of risk. She wasn’t moving to a safer place for the simple reason that going back to her car put her at more risk of being hit by incoming traffic than staying where she was. He caused the woman to fall away from traffic and not towards traffic. The whole point here is to keep any confrontation away from traffic for everyone’s safety. Go look at the video, Rig. Its in the link. The video clearly shows everything.

Kagato: There you go.

Tasers are not substitutes for guns. American cops still have guns and use them. Tasers are used to avoid messy scuffles that tend to spiral out of control.

I knew a police officer who pulled a guy over for suspected drunk driving. He approached the passenger window, smelled weed, and saw the driver shoving something in his mouth and trying to swallow. He shouted for the driver to spit it out, then for the passenger to get out, but neither obeyed. So the cop opened the car door, grabbed the passenger, threw him out, and tased the driver. The driver spat out what was in his mouth – weed. No cop would ever have used a gun here, but tasing was quite legitimate.

I do think tasing an old woman is excessive, and he could have been gentler. But the problem is that deviation from standard procedure risks liability. If he tries to forcibly handcuff her and breaks her arm, she could sue him, claim he used excessive force, and argue that his procedural violation caused her injury. In the video, you can see him hesitating to grab her, hoping that she steps back willingly. That’s why.

It wasn’t that long ago that a fleeing felon – for instance, anyone resisting arrest – could legally be shot. Modern cops are really not that bad.

Fuck pigs anyway

If I could choose one super power it would be able to kill a cop by thinking about it

I watched it before posting. If her car isn’t considered a safe spot due to proximity to the traffic lane, didn’t he already put her in danger by asking her to get out of the car at that point? I get the point that they should be off the lane -otherwise I’d have commented on the shoving. The difference is that when she gets tased and falls down I don’t consider her safe.

She was resisting arrest so she gave up some more of her rights and ended up having to forcibly be put into custody

Dumb fucking cunt. I wish she would have broken her hip