Go ahead. Taste me.

If there wasn’t proof, I’d probably be someone to give the old lady my sympathies. But, she egged him on, and he resisted her being a bitch. He gave her plenty of chances to not be tased. You can’t blame him.

Rig: your argument is absurd. You wouldn’t be able to pull any car on the side of any road if that were true. Its easy to avoid problems when parking on the side of the road. Its not because someone could be belligerent and feisty and thus put themselves, the officer and the incoming traffic in danger that you shouldn’t pull them over. You’re saying using a taser put her at risk. What you’re not taking into consideration is that had he not tased her, more people could have been at greater risk, including herself. Its a trade off and you’re not formulating any argument about how the risk of the taser is worse than the other risks of not tasering her.

My point was that if she could get out of her car safely, she’d also be safe returning to her car. Could the cam’s evidence be used for her arrest at a later time?

Yes, but with limited state police resources, nobody is going to search for a minor offender like her. A warrant would be issued for her arrest. No cop would discover this till pulling her over – again – at which point she may do the same thing.

It’s amazing how many people have warrants for their arrest for years, for instance for driving with license suspended, and don’t even realize it till they’re pulled over.

what would you guys have done?
I would’ve whipped out my knight stick, but I think those are only riot gear these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i’ll take your advice casey.

Yes, I’m sure actually beating the shit out of an old lady would have been your first action. Would you have copped feel while you were at it? Elder abuse can take many forms.

The tasing shouldn’t leave her with a lot of side effects, it is meant to stun, not to harm. And its a last resort.

Its not because she can safely return to her car that she can be safely arrested while going into her car.

And no, you don’t just let people off like that.

He did it. He is entirely to blame to for his own actions. His willpower is weak, his temper is fast, and he has no place telling other people how to run their lives if he thinks this is acceptable behavior.

Been calm, polite, and nonviolent? Let her sign the ticket when she later offered to, profanely or otherwise, and save everybody a lot of trouble rather than maintaining a hostile position either out of misplaced pride or machine-like subservience to the letter of the law? He caused the situation to escalate when he did not need to. If people solved our problems with compromise instead of violence and force, as he made an active choice not to do, and to do, respectively, the world wouldn’t be quite so miserable a place for quite so many, maybe.

In Greece you need to have insurance (which is displayed at the windshield) to drive a car, which means your address is available to the police if they bother to write down the number.

If she got a warrant how would she be considered to have been let off? Only she wouldn’t have been tased.

Cops have sued Taser, people have died after the use of a taser and Taser itself notes

, so tasing someone shouldn’t be done light of heart. It’s a stunning device, yes, but that thing hurts. You wouldn’t punch the granny at a place it wouldn’t leave marks to ensure her submission, why stun her.

If you’re a cop, you have no way of knowing whether or not someone actually lives where their insurance or DMV records say they are living. If you decide to follow the person home, you have no guarantee she won’t try to make a run for it and start a car chase that will put countless more people at risk. Furthermore, if they do “live” there, you have no guarantee you will be able to easily catch them. For example, what if the person resists arrest more violently at their home? What if the people they live with are armed? What if they continue to try to evade arrest by avoiding to go home and hiding? There are so many variables, that as Xwing said, the system doesn’t have the resources to deal with this.

Why stun her? You keep ignoring the simple reality that any other form of physical restraint could have resulted in a tragedy because she had clearly shown herself to be combative.

The warrant changes nothing. A warrant makes it legal to forcibly detain someone. The cop already had that right the moment she resisted arrest.

At best, the warrant lets the cop detain her at her house later. But as Sinistral mentioned, she may as well resist arrest there too. Maybe she keeps a gun at her house.

The police have limited resources. Maybe they would visit the address and try to arrest her. Maybe not. She’s just a feisty old woman, and the police have murderers and rapists to deal with. They certainly would not search for her if she lived at a different address than on her insurance records and registration.

Even if the police have the right address, if she is from outside the county, the local police would lack jurisdiction to arrest her. They could notify a police office in her county, but because the offense is so minor, it will be shelved and ignored.

Very likely, she will be pulled over sometime, the cop will see her warrant, and he will try to arrest her. But unless she politely acquiesces, we are back where we started.

The police don’t have time to play these delicate games. Maybe the officer here didn’t need to tase her, and could’ve simply handcuffed her. Either method involves force, and the risk of harming an old woman. It is unfortunate, but that is what she gets for committing a felony.

Are people actually arguing about this? A good cop wouldn’t have tasted her, he would have walked over and grabbed the bitch. A good cop would have let her sign it when she offered to. A good person would have signed it in the first place. And surprise surprise, an elderly person was endangering other people on the road.

You are hardly fit to talk about tasting and grabbing bitches, judging by your shirtless mirror-photo.

This is my new favorite thread, RPGC. My standards are also incredibly low.

omg i lol’d so hard. btw, i’m not wearing a shirt right now.

What if she later offered to sign the ticket, preventing any of these variables in favour of one that also doesn’t require tasing or following her home.

o ya btw she did.

I fixed this for you.

So would you 1) not pull anyone over, or 2) reward those who resist police officers by letting them go scot-free? Either way creates unfortunate incentives.

Reward them? No, I just wouldn’t fucking tase them. If they’ve stopped resisting, and have not caused any injury (she acquiesced and said she would sign, the officer was unharmed), then the only reason to punish them for their initial resistance is, as I said, a rather childish and misplaced sense of pride, or a machine-like adherence to the letter of the law. Basically, she got a ticket. So long as she signs it, she should be allowed to be as reluctant and verbally abusive as she would like about doing it without having to be arrested, electrocuted, etc.

Xwing is right about the dangerousness of the precedent of letting everyone who resists go.

The latter is not necessarily bad for a policeman, since enforcing the law equally to all is… well, pretty much their entire goddamn fucking job. I know you think anarchism and the Japanese Yakuza make a good form of government, but that’s just not how shit works. The fact that she was an old woman is actually completely irrelevant: She refused to recieve a due penalty, for which she was put under arrest, and then resisted said arrest. You don’t get to say “oh, wait, no, the penalty before I fucked up the second time was better, let’s go back to that” in he real world, and letting her go just creates a shitty precedent.