Girls are Bi

So I was doing this online [STRIKE]dating site[/STRIKE] friend-search thing and I searched for women in my area. I was not specific to my search and ended up looking at around 300 results… I went to advanced and unchecked “Bi-sexual” and the results went from 300 pages to 11.

What the fuck.

I know that nearly every woman I’ve dated has been bisexual, bicurious, or bipolar… But jesus christ. Its like this whole Bisexual thing is an epidemic or somthing. Like every woman just can’t help but pretend for one reason or another (or actually be) bisexual! Its also annoying.

Bah, whatever, this is my rant. Flame on.

It’s a lot easier to find the female body beautiful than the male body.

No way, check out this guy, hes a stud:

Let the good times roll.

I’mnot sure what scares me more… the fact that you called David Hasslelhoff a stud or the fact that you’re objecting to bi-sexual women.

As the billions of us who will never touch an online “friend” (dating) service would say:


snort snort giggle

Unfortunately, I just lost my girlfriend to a pedophile and needed to meet new people in the area. Since I hate clubbing and my college is a sausage fest, I was left with few options.

I’m with Sorc on that one.

Oh come ON… Its David Hasslehoff! Hes like the early 90s cultural “I WIN” button.

You lost your girlfriend to a pedo. Yet you were dating her and are 21. If losing her makes the other guy a pedo, then shouldn’t you be classified as a pedo too? Or are you saying you lost your girl to a known sex offender?

Godammit, I basically had 984s exact post in mind as soon as I read Izludes.

Me too.

And dude, you probably just filtered the queer guys who disguise themselves as girls in the internet out of the search.

Everyone is bi and either in denial or accepts it.
Le nod.

I beleve that is true! 2k here, is unsure whom to sleep with… “Dave” or Wellia…

Hey, I wanted to keep that a secret.

I don’t know, I haven’t really met that many bi girls, I think it may be the internet dating site, or maybe age difference, actually.
EDIT: That, or it’s growing into a fad and they’re doing it ‘to be cool,’ the same way a lot of ‘lesbians’ did in the Bikini Kill era.

Dammit 984/RPT! And I take it this is the girl you ranted about to us a few weeks ago?

And personal experience: women pop in your life at the most unexpected times, when you’re not looking.

Oh and I agree with Sorc.

more like every girl you dated BECAME bisexual afterwards am i right

I don’t see a problem in oogling other women. Sometimes I have on the fence moments, myself.

That’s hot.

No no no, see my girl was 20, I’m 21.
The pedo is 28, and was doing things with a 16 year old on the SIDE of trying to get my girl back with him.

I should have got the facts straight for ya’ll.