Getting a PS2

SG, I didn’t say Dragon Quarter JUST so you could be the one to suggest it. =)

I’m one of those people that really wasn’t into KH… I got the game, and I thought I was going to absolutely love it, and I tried it, but the style of play just didn’t appeal to me. The story seemed cool, and visually it was very pleasing, but the way the gameplay was executed left me with headaches. I traded it and got Dragon Quarter. I think it’s one of those games that you’d really have to try out before making a committment.

This is why your opinion is null and void. You base this arguement on hearsay. It would be like me saying OGM X6 R WURST GAEM EV0R even though I’ve never played it. Please, dont just post other peoples opinions as your own. And Sly Cooper isnt bad, the little I played. Sly Cooper 2 <i>looks</i> to improve on the original, so hopefully more people will hear? about it.

Oh and by the by, BOTH Ratchet and Clank games fucking rock, especially if you like variety in weapons.

I recommend Wild ARMs 3 (of course), Legaia 2: Duel Saga (a truly wonderful, original RPG with a kinda bleh story), Final Fantasy X (it’s not overrated; it’s really as good as people make it out to be).

On the non-RPG front, I absolutely recommend one of the Grand Theft Auto titles if you’re into that kind of thing. Vice City is a huge step up from GTA 3 though. Also noteworthy is MGS2, but opt for MGS2: Substance for all the cool extras.

And everyone, some people just don’t want to play Kingdom Hearts. I understand you guys like it and all, but I’ve always had a thing against Disney and their “magic” has no effect on me. I’ve never enjoyed the movies, and my childhood memories consist of shows like Tiny Toons and that sort of thing. Besides, 3D adventure/rpg hybrid gaming isn’t my (or certain other people’s) type of genre of game, especially a heavily story driven one.

So anyways, I’ve said my piece on the PS2. I made my recommendations. Enjoy your brand new system, and keep your PS1 cards! And your PS1; certain games don’t work well on PS2!

Awww, thanks Miss Mints! You’re such a sweetheart! :smiley:

Hades, I’ll tell you why I didn’t like X6:

  1. The story seemed to have a cool premise, but the dialogue was just sooo badly translated. You can tell by just how elementary the sentences were. I thought I was doing sentence correction practice in Middle School again when I played it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The game is particularly unfair for X, who, while given the option to play without any armor, is uncapable of beating the game without some type of armor. The game was really meant for X to play through it with armor, which is annoying.

  3. For the other protagonist, Zero, the game is ludicrously easy. Just use the “Spinney of Death” attack and you can ruin just about any foe, even most bosses. It’s ridiculous how useful it is against Sigma.

  4. It’s a little unfair to judge a game this way, but I felt the same way about X5: The sudden lack of animated movie scenes, and english voice acting. You might say X4 had bad voice acting, but I really don’t care about bad voice acting. Lemme tell you something - if it’s bad in english, it’s probly bad in japanese too, it’s not the voice actors, it’s the voice directors. In Unlimited SaGa, for example, the voice acting is done by a lot of popular anime voice actors. Two of the main characters are voiced by Tiffany Grant (Asuka, from Evangelion), and, while she’s a great voice actor, her parts in there are terrible. So, if it’s gonna be bad in two languages, I’d rather it be bad in a language I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, there you have it Hades. The game really lacks in 2 of its more critical areas; dialogue (Because it affects how the story comes off), and gameplay. So what does that leave? The impeccable graphics? :stuck_out_tongue: The music was great, but they’ve released a soundtrack for it now, so it doesn’t matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dialogue is the number one least important aspect of a platformer (ESPECIALLY Megaman), lol :stuck_out_tongue: And X6 has great gameplay. Complaining about not being able to beat it without armor is like complaining about not being able to kill Sephiroth at level 6. The point is to get more powerful so that you can. And X and Zero were both fucking fun to play with.

And? The people I hear this from are a hell of a lot more credible than you’ve ever been or ever will be, so I think I’ll choose to just believe them, and not give a shit about the predictable arguments I’d expect from a droning idiot like yourself.

Well, it is your own opinion about dialogue, but I find the story of Megaman X slightly interesting, the the fact that the dialogue is bad does kind of get on my nerves, even it if isn’t the main aspect.

And complaining about armor is completely not the same as beating Sephiroth at a low level. In Megaman X games, Life-Ups, Sub-Tanks, and Capsules are HIDDEN. In otherwords, you may never find them. :stuck_out_tongue: So, yeah, you might not be as strong as you can be by the time you reach the end. Besides, it’s perfectly feasible to beat all the first FIVE Megaman X games with nothing. It’s perfectly feasible to beat the Megaman Zero games with nothing. Why should X6 be any different? The worst part is, it’s X only that really gets nerfed. It’s incredibly easy with Zero.

That being said, I feel that at least 3 of my 4 points stand strongly. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, X6 was worse than X4 (I haven’t gotten hold of a copy of 5 yet) because;

That stupid, stupid wall in Gate Lab 1 that required more perfect timing than any boss, or the Shadow Armour for X. What the fuck was that about?

Like SG said before, the dialogue. Why the hell do they even include a story if they’re gonna ruin it with bad translation and crappy Deus Ex Machinas like Ingsoc or whatever his name was. The cutscene’s weren’t so bad but…

That’s it. I still enjoyed it, but mostly because a) I devour all Megaman games and b) The whole ‘rescusing reploids for rewards thing’ kept me going. I’ve got a demo of X7 and the one intro level I played rocks more than X6 did in it’s entirety.

Both Ratchet & Clank games are good, though the 1st beats the second in all but graphics. Baulders gate:dark alliance is good, but gets repetative and kigdom hearts-9/10.