Getting a PS2


If you go to a Wal-Mart, right now the Online Bundle (Network Adapter + ATV Offroad Fury 2) and Regular PS2 are the same price (198.23 CAD). Add on a memory card for 33.83, and possibly another controller for 33.83

You might also need an RF Modulator if you’re using an older TV. They go for about 19.83.

You can also get a refurbished one from EB for about $170.00

What’s Multiplayer PS2 games like anyway? I’m not gonna get it because I’m moving soon, but I’ve heard it can be awesome with the right games.

Timesplitters 2 on multiplayer is awesome, considering the modes of play.

I surprised no one said that you MUST KEEP Your PS1 Memory Cards, You can’t Save PS1 Games straight on to a PS2 card, But using the PS2 Copy’s function you can Make back up if a saved game on to a PS2.

Ok, KH is a Game No one will say they will own but does have it. KH i prefere it over FFMQ.

If you happen to come across a PS2 saying “TEST” Instead of “PS2” you’ve it’s an ‘offical’ ‘copied games’ Player. This info i got off a UK PS2 repesentaive.

According to a sorce Sony are releasing a smaller PS2 called Playstaytion-two

They released the PSone which was smaller. I don’t see the point, since they’re half the size but they cost more.

And I have kingdom hearts, it’s a good game, though it’s hardly an RPG.

I wish they’d release the Full Metal Alchemist PS2 game over here. it was, It was developed by Squeenix and uses the KH engine. Plus all the transmutation goodies from the series. It’d be awesome. :frowning:

I could probably get it if I tried, but I need to go through some other games first. eBay and Amazon come to mind.

They are releasing it. The one based on the anime right? Yeah. They mention it in the new EGM and OPM.

Wait… how do you post nothing.

Isn’t there at least a 10 character limit.

I noticed that. Lol, I dont know what happened.

Get FF10, most people seem to like it.

Get 10-2 if, after playing FF10, you think you can handle the story being ruined. :stuck_out_tongue: Every other aspect of the game is good; even the dialogue is good. :smiley: It just takes 10’s story and crappifies it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get Suikoden 3 if combat engines and game speeds mean nothing to you, cos, it really lacks in both :stuck_out_tongue: The story is great though. And, while I’ve never played other Suikoden games, I’ve confirmed that the battle system is different from the other 2, and the speed (The other games were supposed to be much faster paced). Yeah, so, basically Suikoden 3 is the complete opposite, if you don’t mind that then buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get Disgaea if you’ve already played a tactics RPG before, and if you really like anime and american cartoons. Basically, the majority of the humour is just satire aimed at anime and american cartoons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other RPGs worth looking at:

Buy Grandia 2 if you don’t mind a sort of easy game.

Buy Dragon Quarter if you don’t mind a sort of diffucult game, and/or dark atmospheres.

…And well, that pretty much does it :stuck_out_tongue: I think too many of the PS2 RPGs are niche RPGs. Suikoden 3, Disgaea, AND Dragon Quarter are definitely niche games (Though I am reluctant to say it is as niche-ey as the other two, I’m biased though :P). Either way. Go with FF10. That’s your best bet.

…As for NON RPGs…You might try Megaman X7. It’s different from the previous X games, but it’s good; definitely an improvement over X5 and X6. The TMNT game is pretty good too, for just a time killer. Metal Gear Solid 2 is a game to own, Simpsons Road Rage is a game to own, and Grand Theft Auto games can be fun with friends. Gitaroo Man is a hoot, if you can find it…and definitely don’t overlook Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Capcom Vs SNK 2 has a nice arcade port, as does Soul Calibur 2. Lastly, the Megaman Anniversary Collection is supposed to come out for a few weeks, and I believe they’re releasing it for only 30 bucks, too. Either way, they probly won’t release it as a full-price game, but it’s 10 games in one; you probly shouldn’t pass that up.

Although you have to admit, being better than X6 isn’t THAT hard.

Dark Cloud 1/2
FFX(just because)
KH(get it, its fucking awesome, ignore what people look like BEAUTY ON THE INSIDE)
Front Mission 4 when it comes out
Shin Megami Tensai: Nocturne when it comes out
Xenosaga part 1 and part 2(when it comes out) FM4, SMT:N, FM4 come out this summer, one per month i believe
Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando I DONT CARE ITS NOT AN RPG IT OWNS YOU

I’ll be back with an Edit when I finish rummaging through my big blue box of games.

I haven’t seen a platform game do it yet. Certainly not X7, anyway.

If you go to a Wal-Mart, right now the Online Bundle (Network Adapter + ATV Offroad Fury 2) and Regular PS2 are the same price (198.23 CAD). Add on a memory card for 33.83, and possibly another controller for 33.83

I believe that’s where I’ll be buying it so I’ll keep this in mind.

As for Kingdom Hearts…well I may reconsider…but the screenshots and reviews just totally turn me off. It doesn’t seem like something I’d be interested in, but I guess I’ll have to try it, for sure.

If you think MMX6 is better than Sly Cooper or Ratchet and Clank you’ve got issues.

Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 in the states) is a good buy. It can seem repetetive but it’s worth a play, since there’s alot of stuff in it. Dark Cloud (1) is less good, it’s similair to Chronicle without most of the extra stuff and can be quite stressfull.
“Woo! I got my sword all powerful.” You hit the golem with your uber powerful customized sword that you’ve spent years making, it breaks. “Fuck this GAME!”

Ratchet and Clank is notoriously shitty and I’ve never even heard of Sly Cooper. X6 was a great game and I don’t know how anyone could not like it. It’s completely awesome in like, every way.

Sly Cooper, known as Sly Raccoon in Europe (and possibly elsewhere), was some kiddy stealth game starring a racoon. Imagine Wind Waker 's stealth bits being made into a full game. Although I never played it that much.