Getting a PS2

Yes it’s sad, I haven’t gotten one yet, but my trusty Ps1 has always gotten my through boring times. Ps2 was out of my price range when it came out, as well, so :\ I think they’re down to close to 150 bucks, so I’m seriously considering getting one very soon if I get accepted for a job.

So what will I need along with the actual system? Like what’s up with the Memory card deal and whatnot? Will I need anything else besides that?

What games do you all recommend? I’m thinking FFx, FF X-2, Suikoden 3, and Disgaea (or however it’s spelt, just I’ve heard of its greatness…could anyone elaborate on this game?). No Kingdom Hearts. The images alone are enough to turn me off. What else is there to RPG’s concerning Ps2?

I think that both packages (the network ready and the older ones) both cost $150 now (that makes no sense, but who ever said that business strategies ever had to make sense?). They’ll come with the system, one controller, and cable for connecting to the TV. You will need to buy a memory card. If you want a second controller, that’s up to you.

My first game for my PS2 was FFX - I’d call it a must-have. I’d wait just a little bit on FFX-2; while it’s a fun game, it’s not exactly one I’d rush out into a blizzard to buy. If you’re into strategy (or if you want to give it a try), Disgaea sounds great - I’m thinking about getting it sometime, and wasn’t it rereleased recently? I would wholeheartedly recommend Xenosaga, and it’s only $20 now. Yes, it has a lot of cutscenes and a lack of music at times, but it’s a great game. The only problem with it is that it comes out in parts!

You’ll also need a memory card and a game to play on the system, so unless you buy a PS2 that comes packaged with them, you’re going to have to add an extra $50-$90

VERY nice choice of games, especially Disgaea. (Never played any Suikodens, but I’ve heard only good things.)

If you like Disgaea, you may want to try La Pucelle Tactics as well.


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The will of Hotsuma compells you!

I’m a 5 dollah whore.

THanks Vicki, an answer I was looking for :slight_smile:

I knew that :get it?: But as long as the Ps2 isn’t sky high or anything. I’m sure I could find like second hand games at my video store.

GG, is La Pucelle Tactics new? Never heard of it :\

And Hades, I’ve come to the conclusion that Shinobi isn’t really an RPG…I suck at non-rpg’s, and they dont hold my interest :frowning:

Dark Cloud
Xenosaga-Make sure you buy a few bags of Popcorn
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance
Suikoden III
Wild Arms
.hack (start with the first one, otherwise, nothing will make sense, and you will get whupped like a scared little bitch)
Shadow Hearts

Man…I thought I was an RPG only nerd. Dude, there’s more out there. OH wel to each thier own.

La Pucelle just came out last month.

Hmm the Xeno’s never caught my interest. Like I have no idea, when it comes to that specific gameplay, what it’s like. I’ll check them out though.

Wild Arms, I forgot about that one. 3, isn’t it?

hack is just liable to confuse me, I’m playign Vagrant Story and even THAT confuses me, just like Tactics did. I can’t keep track of anything my first time.

Dude many of us here are rpg only nerds. Representin’ right here, yo!

Jeez. What doesnt confuse you then? Maybe you should just stick to tetris and FF Mystic Quest. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, WA3 is the one for the PS2. That pissed me right hte fuck off. It’s still a decent game.

Oh, If you want simplistic, go for Okage Shadow King. A Derivitive RPG, but an origianal story and characters make it worth a run through.

Hey, there were a lot of characters in those games, don’t insult my intelligence :stuck_out_tongue: It just takes a couple of play-thrus to grasp every single detail. I don’t necessarily mean that I’m dumb when it comes to storyline, because I like deep and dark. I’m just saying, when i’m eager to jump into a game, I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about the plot a lot, right off the bat, and scramble trying to figure out who is who. Especially with those two games, people betray and backstab and you never know what the hell is going to happen and for me that = never know what the hell is going on.

I really do recommend KH though. It turned me off when I saw it, but I got it anyway, and It’s great.

Well, Dark Cloud is very light on plot. It’s all abou the game. Mundane yet addictive. Suikoden’s plot isnt complicated, just complex, if you know what I mean. There’s a lot oging on but you wont get lost. 'saga is fine if you pay attention from the start. .hack is pretty complex. It looks like you need everything the franchise has to offer to really get a grasp on it.

Gameplaywise, all these games are pretty easy to dive into.

La Pucelle is a fairly new Tactical RPG made by the guys whjo made Disgaea, and it’s made on a similar engine. If you like Disgaea, you’ll like this.

I would’ve said Dynasty Warriors 3 and/or 4, but you said non-RPGs aren’t your thing.
Dark Cloud is a cool game. Interesting weapon system. I love Steve. :hahaha;
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is okay, but it’s only good for so long. The plot is somewhat interesting, but interupted by long periods of hacking and slashing through many, many monsters. I like it enough to play through again in extreme difficulty so I can use Drizz’t outside the gauntlet mode, but… thinking again about how much fun it was to hack the limbs off zombies made me forget why I said but.
I’ve been too broke over the past year or so to look into any recent games, so that’s about it for my comments on games.

You don’t NEED to get new games when you buy a PS2 if you’ve got PS games, but it does kind of defeat the purpose if you don’t get any. As far as I know, a PS2 has been about $150 for the past year and a half when I got mine. Aside from the memory card, which is so close to mandatory you wonder why they don’t include one in the package, there’s not really much you need. If you ever want to play anything aside from RPGs, you might consider a second controller.

You really shouldn’t judge a game by its cover. Kingdom Hearts is a great game.

Yeah. I’m really looking forward to the second one. It looks a lot darker than the first.

Shino- NO. I WILL RESIST. >_<
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
MegaMan X7. :smiley:
Devil May Cry 1 (NOT 2. EV0L GAME.)

The GC will have Tales of Symphonia though. ;;>_>




Forget Vice City. Boring. But everything else Pierson said should be considered. And return to castle wolfenstein is a personal favourite. Don’t ask why.