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Haw, Spam all the way. Anyways, DT is back, and better than ever. (Couldn’t get any worse anyway.)
Finally back at my comp! What a good feeling. I was smart enough to forget my GBA at home, so I’ve suffered 2 months from lack of monitors. Yes, it’s my own fault when I forget something as necessary as that, but I didn’t deserve THAT. First I was at my grandma’s house again.
My aunt came back from Russia and I had to hear her Russian- toilet-stories at the coffee table (every day at 3pm, blech). One month of russian toilets. Thats hardcore.
That’s why I spent my time with drawing, that’s at least SOMETHING constructive. Due to lack of boards this was born first (don’t kill me Wert), I have no idea how that popped into my head. It’s not a masterpiece, but try drawing something without making a sketch. Extreme lack of pencil and eraser :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, this is something I drew later when I was in hamburg. Pencil! Eraser! Celebrate! :moogle: I screwed up majorly with this pic though. In case you notice: psssssssst! Maybe the others dont see it << >>
I know this is supposed to go to the media forum, but I didn’t feel like making a new thread right now.
Anyways. Anything I missed? Any important flamewars, mass deletions, n00b-packs who want to take over RPGC? I see a new tombstone- theme. Did orak die after all or what’s this about?
You could have made me a smilie by now merl! Graaaah!

Welcome back DT =D. Not too much really happened while you were gone. It’s nice to have you around again. And I like both of the drawings too- especially the Wert one =P

Very nice indeed. LOVE the pic. Succubi are sexay. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Dragon Tear
You could have made me a smilie by now merl! Graaaah!
Maybe it could…or maybe it <b>could!</b>

I see that your birthday is October 4th DT. If I don’t have the smiley upgrade done by then, then I promise you it will be done on that day for you.

Yay! Yay, yay and yay! tacklehugs merl =^^=

wb fp

Nah, just kidding. Nice to see you back safe, sound, and in one piece. Really! Why are you looking at me like that?

yay, DT’s back!

Willkommen zurück, Drachentränchen. :slight_smile:

HOLY SHIT!!! WELCOME BACK DT!!! has a seizure

Welcome back! I missed you, and so did another person whose name I can’t mention right now… :stuck_out_tongue:
So, how was your trip?

Those drawings are great, by the way.
tries to retrain himself from laughing at the first one
The succubus was kind of cute.

Welcome back.

Welcome back DT, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the first pic, never laughed so hard :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry Wert :P)

Your presence is a breeze through a still morn and its glory is all the sweeter from its absence.

does the welcome back dance

I loved the first artwork. :slight_smile: Mwahaha! That’s so cute…

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’, and begins to talk about his experiences with Rowandian toilets.

Nice drawings, though, the proportions are a bit off.
And when Wertigon shows up, he’s going to rant about how he doesn’t use SuSE and why.

teh wubwub is happy.

Welcome back DT.

GRAH! Kills DT for spreading evil rumors about Wert using SusE Linux

Oh and welcome back. :slight_smile:


Welcome back, DT! Now stay!

Don’t worry. You won’t get rid of me that easily now… >_>
At least I hope so.