Gender? Who cares!

We, as a tightly knit group, can all agree that at least 60% of the members are actually 10-12, but they lie about their age. And, Sohee, your name was the first which came to mind, heh. :cool: And, about those 10 year olds, they can pick up some bad eatings on these boards… I pity those kids.

You’re not part of any tightly knit group if you’ve been there for only about an hour and a half.

And what makes you suspect that people here are lieing about their age? Such random accusations will get you no where.

There are some very intelligent people on this board (yeah ha ha, but I think so…) so they must be very incredibly talented pre teens then.

Hey, Eva, don’t doubt it. There are super-uber-nerds roaming our precious earth like a pack of horny cats.

I would have been able to tell you were ~13 had you not posted it in your bio, lets put it that way. Once you’ve been on the net for a few years, you can figure things like this out through some innate, impossible-to-scientifically explain ability.

And what prompted this topic, anyways?

P.S. postage doesn’t count when people start thinking your’ an asshole.

Tch. Sorry I’m an asshole, but it runs in my family. Think I’M bad? You oughtta see my brothers. Whoo, some major jackassotry going down.

You haven’t seen an asshole until you’ve gotten me pissed. I’m pretty brutal - even on the internet. Catch me in real life and I can make you cry.

No lie, I’ve done it before - to grown men.

You’re in no position to make such comments when some of us have been here for years, and you’ve been here for… what? An hour? We know the ages of people here, so don’t try pulling this stuff. When you read enough posts, you can easily tell the age of someone by how they convey their messages. Maz is the exception, just cause he’s Maz.

The original topic is actually a good topic. In the same way as a forum of mostly-pure text allows debates to be free of the influence of image or physical mannerisms, it should also do it for gender, in my opinion. Anonymity forces people to look at what’s being said rather than who’s saying it.

…and why’s everyone so hostile to Sir-Fuzzi?

40 posts in under an hour, throwing out blanket statements left and right, spamming, and a tad 'o necroposting doesn’t really help.

No way dude, I totally sound like a 17-year-old fool a LOT of the time. I mean I used to sound way older, but I’ve gotten more real, I think. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, don’t be too harsh on the dude. He reminds me of me back when I was his age, and I have a soft spot in my heart for myself. I’ve got this huge ego sometimes, see.

As for the topic at hand, things like that are why the LA meet and RPGC meets in general with guys and girls are just so damn interesting. Because there the distinction between guys and girls really is more obvious, and I guess online there’s a bit of real-life fantasy, which, laugh all you want, compare it to pornography all you want, it’s there, and it has to be expressed in one way or another. If you just try to repress it, it really doesn’t work. You get all depressed and angsty and cynical before your time, and that’s no good to anybody, either.

I agree with Trian. You get more of a feel for who people actually are when there are no stigmas attached.

God this is such a stupid topic, but it’s 2 AM. I applaud it. As for gender on the Internet, I think it’s most useful in debates (debate on abortion with all females tends to be different than with even a mixed group), same as race and to an extent religion. People can use your race/religion/sex <strike>plz</strike> to try to persuadee you/prove a point. But outside of that, I don’t see it influencing much outside of knowing on a VERY VERY VERY general basis who you’re talking to.

If we didn’t have gender on the internet, how would we know who was inferior? I mean, i don’t wanna talk to someone who can’t vote or legaly drive!

Your words, they confuse me…

BlueMage, unless I’m missing sarcasm or something, WTH does sex have to do with driving or voting eligibility?

Besides the fact that women statistically get into more accidents, women and blacks were denied the right to vote (or have any/limited rights for that matter), or that people are underage (which completely has nothing to do with gender).

I swear, someone here will find that funny, since that person will know it is a joke, untill then your on your own kids!

I figured it was some kinda joke, I just don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Phoerret, aren’t guys the ones who pay higher car insurance? Why would that be?

Bah I’ve been really irritable about things like this lately (shut up darling, I’m not accusing you of anything, just ranting), taking things for granted I mean. That is, whenever someone makes a statement like this it’s like they think (using this as an example) guys worship them in any other way than at their own whim. Worship is a privilege, not uncontrollable veneration brought upon by any feminine wiles. Yes, the need to reinforce these things means I’m insecure. :frowning: goes back to worshipping you and showing off his massive AT Field