Gender? Who cares!

Seriously, people. Gender has no meaning on the internet, unless you’re THAT desperate for some hot action (although the action ain’t gonna be so hot when the fat guy crushes ya, ladies…), and, if you are, you DESERVE to be ‘stalked’. Geh. Really, who cares?

Congratulations on being the first hemaphrodite who’s ever come out on the net.

Where are you getting this from?

And of course gender is a big deal here. Without it, the females wouldn’t be worshipped! And some of us are not comfortable cybering the opposite sex, so we just have to know.

I’m a what now? Where’d that idea come from? I’m sorry, but seriously, folks, it’s the internet. This is a RPG Chat forum, and unless there’s a super-secret dating service being held undercover by Sohee or some other mod, I’m doubting the significance of gender.

What makes you think we give a shit in the first place?!

Hoh, shit. Look at my postage! I am last poster on almost all the idle threads on the first page! I WIN!

Congrats. You get the coveted Noprize. There is no physical, ideological, philosophical or religious representation of the Noprize. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Bitch got SERVED. I win.

Fuzzi, I’m not a mod, but I feel I should warn you now. Continue with that attitude and insulting other users of this board WILL get you banned.

Wonder when this thread will be closed?! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On the other hand, thanks for providing ample entertainment around 2 AM when I’ve ran out of better things to do.

Wait. So… who were you trying to address?

Phooey. I feel so cold and cornered… Ah, well. I wasn’t insulting you, Lex, I was stating that I made no progress in life whatsoever, and also mysteriously conjured up an insatiable lust for popcorn.

I know. You were replying to Evangelion correct?

Edit: I don’t mean to be mean to you Fuzzi. I apologize if I was. Seeing as you are new to the boards I should’ve let get accustomed to how things are around here.

Actually, you gave me the Noprize, so I accepted it with a ridiculous stupidity.

We don’t really tend to talk about games much here. Gender doesn’t factor into anything other than getting to know each other in the community. As such, we’re all pretty well knit together.

Well then, if it really matters, I’m male, but it probably doesn’t 'cause I’m close to likely the only 13 on these forums… so, go me.

I just love the irony of me being used as the example for a mod considering what the thread’s about.

We’ve got younger. Kirokokiri is 10, as is her friend (whose name I don’t remember).

Nah there’s lots of young teens and mid teens and well, teens in general here.

And us old fogeys as well.