Gender? Who cares!

Because I think there’s more male drivers than female drivers.

More speeding tickets, but thats because we drive faster away from the crashes, you just have to look at it logicaly

Males tend to have less accidents, but they’re the bigger ones that involve death and destruction and mayhem. Although I read a story about two 13 year-old girls stealing a car and doing 90 and landing in a tree. Not nice at all.

It’s a stereotype. Males are thought to be more aggressive drivers, and get in more accidents, because they are generally more aggressive than women.

The difference between men and women is that women like to pretend they’re psychic and therefor don’t have to do anything physical at all, and men like making blanket statements about women. Am I not right?

I love the irony too.
It’s what makes this thread readable!

Who does care? :fungah:

I certainly care, I don’t want to be groping a guy under the bedcovers.

Unless it’s Steve.

Steve’s sexy.

Gender doesn’t matter if the only thing you do is have sex with inanimate boats. Thank you for your time.

I wonder if Fuzzi even knows why it’s so funny that he used Sohee as an example.
And none of us really care about what gender, or age, or whatever the other people here are, it’s just something that is kind of nice to know.


Don’t tell me to shut up! Go back to your corner and take your bone with you!

I’d say not. :smiley:

I always find it ironic when somebody pretends to know everything about a MB community after spending an hour on it.

Wow, you people take these boards like a passion. Jeez, kids. Open a door and whiff some flowers, it’s just a Message forum. And lighten up; I’m some kid living likely far away from you; am I really that much of a concern? And HOLY SHIT, did ANY of you get the slightest trace of sleep last night/morning? Shee-eeze!!

Look at how many posts you have for the short time you’ve been here. It’s ok to hyper post, but at least be tactful about it.

What’s that got to do with you people being genetically attached to these boards? I think you need to lighten up a bit.

We’re not acting like we’re genetically attatched to it; we just want you to stop acting like you know it better than we do. :3

Are we not the supermen,
RPGCian-pure supermen?
Ja we is der supermen,
Superduper supermen.
Ist es forum land so gut,
Would you leave it if you could?
Ja ist not the land is gut,
We wouldn’t leave it if we could.