GBA games.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m weak and pathetic and abusing my student loan. Now tell me what decent GBA games I need to get, KTHX. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t say Fire Emblem, because I received that in the post before the actual GBA itself and I had to stare at the lovely lovely box for two days before I got to play it. >_>

Megaman Zero 1, 2, and 3 (Must haves)
Metroid Zero Mission (fuck Fusion)
Lunar Legend (if you want a portable, half baked version of the original, this one isnt TOO bad.)
Golden Sun (Best handheld RPG I’ve ever played)
Golden Sun 2 (havent played it yet, but if it’s anywhere near the quality of golden sun, then go for it)

Those are my faves, there are others that are worthy of note, but I’ve been up for 27 hours and can’t think of anything better.

Mario & Luigi, much fun, so play it.

Advance Wars I and II.

You are using a loan to buy games? Oh my…

Are you kidding? Other guys have bought televisions and FURNITURE with theirs. A £30 GBA and a couple of games is NOTHING. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I should have said this earlier, but I’m looking mainly at RPGS, ie FFTA, FE Advance Wars etc, unless they’re really good alternatives. I need games that’ll last and therefore result in large stretches between buying games. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just that in my head a loan is some money that you borrow from someone and have to return some other day paying interests. Correct me if I’m wrong. So, if I were you, I would gather the money I would use to pay the loan and buy the GBA and games directly with it. Which would be less costly since this way there is no interest to pay.

Don’t buy: Sword of Mana. It’s good, just not worth buying.
Buy: GS, both of them. They’re both great. Though personally I prefer the second one.
The new Legend of Zelda game. It’s not out 'til 2nd I think, but it’s Zelda.

I liked FFTA, Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis; FF 1+2 GBA is coming out REALLY soon. Mario and Luigi is good. CV Aria of Sorrow is good. I liked Metroid Fusion :P. Also, normal GBA games like FF Legends 2,3, FF Adventure (the remake, Sword of Mana is alright I guess), DW 1+2 and DW3 are also considerable buys.

Pokemon games. No really, they’re good. It’s getting ALL the pokemon that can be frustrating, what with the trading between games. Gameshark it if you must.

Golden Sun pissed me off because the story continued in #2, but otherwise they’re good RPGs, if you don’t mind all the possible job/spell combinations. Overkill if you ask me.

FFTA had an average story, and too many races/jobs, but if you like tactical battles, this is good.

Breath of Fire I bored me… but maybe if I had finished it I would’ve liked it better.

FFTA I’m currently playing through on VBA, but I’ll probably pick it up cheap anyway. I’m definately getting Pokemon Sapphire, and Ruby if there’s a deal on eBay somewhere, or I find someone else who has a copy (unlikely :(). And I never really liked BoF anyway. :wink:

Most of the games I mentioned were platformers for a good reason. Most of them are better (in my opinion) than any rpgs on the gba. The Megaman Zero games in particular harken back to the Megaman X (SNES versions) that required SKILL to beat them. They arent easy games, but they arent impossible either.

I say platformers still win out against rpgs on the gba.

FFTA: It’s a good game, but if you played FFT, this will seem like an unholy sacrilege to God.

Megaman Zero 1,2,3: GO BUY NOW.

Golden Sun: Great game. Not the best I’ve seen but it’s still great.

Harvest moon FOMT: If you like the saga, this one is great.


Are you kidding me? Megaman Zero one pissed me off so much. The enemies were fucking cheap as hell. Zero two was a little better, and I haven’t played three yet. If you say I have no “skilz” and that’s why I suck, then by all means say that. I can beat Megaman X2 without dying though.

MMZ is hard if you try to get good ranks (By not using Cyber Elves) but you get used to the insane difficulty.

i really liked mmz 1+2 havent played 3 but i almost like 1 better cuz of the somersault blade thing…that rocked…but holy crap i can play all the mmx games without dying cept 7 i havent even touched 7…

FFTA, definately. Mario & Luigi is a damn good one. The Pokemon games are a must.

If you want my advise, instead of getting Ruby and Sapphire, get one of those and a copy of Fire Red or Leaf Green.

(And as an aside, I like FFT AND FFTA.)

The game is okay, but it’s leeching off the famous name.

Ok Pie, I’m Gonna Surgest a Racing game From Blizzard Classics Range - ROCK AND ROLL RACING. I’d recomened to Buy/use some headphones/Attachments. You might have it Emulated. But this GBA Version Still Rocks.

Sword Of Mana (SD5), as Sin Said get it if you like it. I like it Only Get it if you like SoM and SD3.

Pokémon, Get them Cheap at Gamestation. (Assuming there one in Hull (I could Find, Buy and send, if not)).

Not Got But Possible Recomdetions:
Max Payne. Converted From PS2 to GBA in my view resonbly well. IF you like Max Paine on Condoles and PC, Conisder it

Stay with The Platformer Sonics. Don’t play Sonic Battle. After 5 minutes of Test Play in Store, It felt like a Cash in.

The Mario remakes. If you like them Buy them.

Zelda - Link’s Awakening (Theres Version for GB and DX for GBC), Time, and counter part Seasons, the SNES copy A Link To the Past And Finally The NES Copy of Legend of Zelda. (Here’s the Ad they should of Used.) (Thaks Star I fount it with the Kittys) (I’ve Like Seen Link & Zelda Somewhere else before? )

Big Nutter
I would Recomend MegaMan.EXE 4 if You didn’t get Pig Sick of 3.

Sword of Mana is not Seiken Densetsu 5, it’s a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, which was Seiken Densetsu in Japan.